As Halloween approaches, parents everywhere are searching for fun and creative ways to make the spooky season extra special for their children. One delicious and festive option is making spider pizzas – a meal that is both fun to create and delicious to eat! In this blog post, we will share an easy and kid-friendly recipe for spider pizzas that will add a touch of Halloween magic to your child’s lunchtime. 

The most fun part about this is how easy it is! I always serve these pizzas for Halloween get-togethers and they’re always a huge hit! What our guests don’t know is that this is the simplest holiday meal ever! You’ll love how easy this is and I love that this is something the kids can help with too. So put on your chef hats and get ready to delight your little ones with this spooky but tasty lunch idea!

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What You’ll Need to Make Spider Pizzas

The ingredients for this spider pizza couldn’t get any more basic!

  • Frozen pizza
  • Olives

That’s right, two ingredients. We use individual frozen pizzas, but you could use one large pizza if you want to. We also use plain cheese pizza, but if you wanted additional toppings you could make that work as well. Just make sure you have room to make your spiders stand out!

We use black olives so they look more like spiders, but you could also use green olives if you like them more. Make it your own however you want, but keep reading to see the steps to take to put this simple meal together. 

Steps to Make These Spider Pizzas

Start by preheating your oven to the temperature specified on the pizza box. While the oven is heating, remove the pizzas from the packaging and place them on a baking sheet. 

Open the can of olives and drain the liquid. To make the spider bodies, cut an olive in half and lay one half, cut side down, for the spider body. Slice the other half longways in six pieces for the legs. Add as many spiders as you want and then bake your pizza for the recommended time on the box. 

Spider Pizzas Video:

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