I am always in search of festive Halloween treats that are also healthy. My kids have their fair share of candy during Halloween and I like to offset that with items that are not only good for them but also fun. This spooky smoothie is the perfect combo of both!

I came up with this smoothie on a whim and was shocked at how easy it was to make with items that I had around the house! We made a Jack-O-Lantern but you could make any design your kids like. I am always surprised how an extra little effort, that really does take any extra time or cot any extra money, can get them really excited. If your kids don’t like healthy snacks try making them fun, you’ll be surprised with how quickly they will eat something they might have been skeptical about before.

spooky smoothie

Spooky Smoothie

1/2 cup frozen pineapple

1/2 cup frozen mango

1 banana

8oz of orange juice

plastic cups (I used these)


a fun straw

Blend all the fruit with the orange juice. Create your spooky character on the cup using your sharpie and pour your smoothie in. Add the straw and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this spooky smoothie! I would love to hear about the healthy treats you serve your kids during Halloween. Leave them in the comments below.

spooky smoothie

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