This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

With Spring Break upon us, the girls and I have come up with the ultimate Spring Break Bucket List and we thought, “hey, these are some really good ideas. Why don’t we share them”.

So here I am sharing our Spring Break Bucket List items with all of you, with hopes that you will have a pretty awesome spring break with your kiddos.

Chuck E. Cheese

My girls L.O.V.E Chuck E. Cheese and it’s pretty easy to see why. Games, pizza, just all around fun! Since I don’t have a huge budget this spring break I was so happy to find out that Chuck E. Cheese has an All You Can Play option as well as a More Cheese Rewards Program. Both options are to help you save money while your kids have maximum fun.

On our last visit to Chuck E. Cheese I got each of the girls an All You Can Play card and I was so glad I did. They were able to play more games which meant more tickets. They were happy and I was happy that I saved some money.

Before our visit I went on my computer and signed up for the More Cheese rewards Program. I got a free pizza and I started earning rewards towards $10 in credits. It’s quick too, $10 for every 3 visits. You get free tickets for referring friends and birthday rewards too, since my girls love Chuck E. Cheese so much signing up was a no brainer.

If you would like to sign up for a free More Cheese Rewards Account just CLICK HERE

Make your own ice cream

Since spring break usually means warmer weather for us here in Florida, we use this opportunity to make our own ice cream. We have an ice cream maker but even if you don’t it’s pretty simple.

In a larger gallon-size freezer bag, mix salt and ice.

In the sandwich-size freezer bag, mix together half & half, vanilla, and sugar (and cocoa powder if making chocolate ice cream).

Seal sandwich-size bag tightly and place inside the gallon bag.

Seal gallon-size bag tightly, and shake for about 5-10 minutes until mixture is frozen. This is the perfect opportunity for a kid helper but consider using gloves or a kitchen towel because the mixture will be cold.

Plant a Garden

Spring means flowers so we use Spring Break to pick out a few of our favorite blooms and plant them in our yard. If you want to take the Spring Break Bucket List up a notch you can start your own vegetable garden. We have one and the girls love being involved in growing their own food.

spring break bucket list

Watch a Butterfly grow

Last year my girls and I ordered our own Butterly kit. They send you caterpillars to your door and you watch those caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies. This was so fascinating for my girls and we were able to build on this experience with other educational activities. Want some inspiration? Check out my homeschool Pinterest board where I share a ton of activities we did during our Butterly unit.

Go on a bike ride

Spring is the perfect time for bike riding before it gets too hot in the summer. Try exploring places you haven’t been before or going on a ride in the evening. We love riding bikes because it gets the kids outside and helps them burn some energy.

spring break bucket list

Have a picnic

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it could simply be a pb&j, but there is something about a picnic that is just so special. Pack your lunch and head to a local park, that way after the kids eat they can run around and play.

Be a tourist in your own city

We love to do this not just because of our spring break bucket list. Our city has so much to offer and we are constantly surprised with new fun places to go or yummy restaurants to visit. Try exploring your city as a tourist would and you’ll be surprised how much fun you will have. Our favorite places to visit are ZooTampa, The Florida Aquarium, Glazers Children Museum, and of course Walt Disney World.

I hope this list is helpful when planning activities for your kiddos this spring break. Do you and your family have things you love to do? What is on your ultimate spring break bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to Chuck E. Cheese’s for hosting me and the girls. We had the best time.

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