I always talk about balance.

How it’s so important and yet so hard to do.

Like giving your kids what they need, and your husband what he needs, and your dog what he needs, and your house, and your friends and everyone else and everything else… and there you are, last again.
I had to learn to steal little moments for myself to regain my sanity. Little moments that might not seem like much at first but totally do the trick in recharging my batteries.

Sometimes it’s a bubble bath, sometimes it’s a trashy reality show, and sometimes it’s a sweet indulgence.

Problem is I want something sweet without the guilt. Something that satisfies my cravings while still being a healthier option.

You guys, I am in love with Kemps Yo² Frozen Yogurt. All the tasty goodness without the yucky stuff.

NO high fructose corn syrup
NO artificial flavors
NO artificial growth hormones

They have some fantastic flavors but by far my favorite is the Cold Brew Coffee.

You probably already know that I am coffee obsessed so this flavor from Kemps Yo² hits the spot.

When my girls go down for a nap or are playing quietly I sneak away, so I don’t have to share, and have a quiet (and sweet) moment for myself.

Oh Cold Brew Coffee, you taste like heaven!

They have other flavors too and everyone in my family loves them… but they know not to mess with the cold brew, because I’m not sharing

What I will share is a fun parfait I made using Kemps Yo² cold brew coffee. Check out the video for all the details.

I found my Kemps Yo² at my local Winn Dixie. It was really easy to find, right in the freezer aisle.

I had my little shopping buddy with me and she wanted to get her hands on some too!


Have you tried Kemps Yo²? I would love to hear your favorite flavor, leave me a comment, I want to make sure I try them all!

Also share what special things you do to recharge your batteries. I would love to hear your suggestions