Researching Thailand travel cost? You’ve come to the right place! We spent 3 weeks in Thailand as a family of 5, and below we’ll break down where we traveled and how much we spent, plus a summary of our overall travel expenses.

Thailand is a country that’s rich in culture, cuisine, and adventure! If you’re planning a family vacation to this beautiful country, you’ll be glad you did. From the South to the North, there’s so much to explore!

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With so much to see and do, you might be wondering where to start and how much a trip like this might cost for your family. You can use this 3 week itinerary to plan for your trip, as it’s full of must-see destinations and activities to help you plan and know what to expect. Then we breakdown the cost for each category for you.

3 Week Thailand Family Itinerary + Thailand Travel Cost

thailand travel cost

Day 1-3: Phuket

  • Day 1: Arrive in Phuket, check-in to your chosen accommodation.
  • Day 2: Explore Patong Beach and visit Old Phuket Town
    • Only 30 min. from Patong Beach to Old Phuket Town
    • It’s best to visit Old Town during the day with kids
  • Day 3: Take a day trip to visit Big Buddha and the Wat Chalong Temple.
    • Plan to spend a couple of hours at Big Buddha and the viewing area
    • Visit the Way Chalong Temple Area after coming down from Big Buddha

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thailand travel cost

Cost of our Trip to Phuket

One way Flights from Sri Lanka to Phuket: $685 (5 people via AirAsia)

Ground Transportation: $62 (we used a company called No plan Phuket)

Accommodations: $74/ Day (Arinara Beach Resort, Free Breakfast)

Food: $80/ Day (5 people – Lunch + Dinner + Snacks)

Laundry: $22 (5 kilos which was most of our entire wardrobe)

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thailand travel cost

Day 4-7: Phi Phi Islands

  • Day 4: Take a ferry to Phi Phi Islands, check into your resort
    • There should be a member of your hotel staff there to help you to your place
    • We recommend Saii Phi Phi Island Village, as it is a great property for families
  • Day 5: Rent a Longtail Boat for the day and visit Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, and Bamboo Island
    • This will be one of your favorite activities of your entire time in Thailand
    • Be sure to get a Private Boat Tour, so that you can stop when and where you want
  • Day 6: Explore Phi Phi Don Village and hike to the Phi Phi Viewpoint, then watch a Fire Show
    • We found a great spot on the beach called Slinky’s to watch the show
    • Most places will ask you to purchase a drink while you sit and watch
  • Day 7: Enjoy a day of leisure on the island and take another Longtail Boat Tour to some of the other islands late and enjoy a sunset cruise
    • We booked this the day of with Maiyada Private Longtail Boat Tours

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thailand travel cost phi phi islands

Cost of our Trip to the Phi Phi Islands

Ferry from Phuket: $75 (5 people from the Rassada Harbour)

  • be sure to have some small cash for Phi Phi Ton Sai Pier when you get off the ferry

Accommodations: $47/ Day (Family Room at P.P. Maiyada Resort)

Food: $72/ Day (5 people – Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)

All-Day Longtail Boat Tours: $109/ Day (5 People – Full-Day Private Boat Tour)

krabi thailand travel cost

Day 8-11: Krabi

  • Day 8: Take the ferry to Krabi. Check-in to your chosen accommodation
    • We recommend the Holiday Style Ao Nang Beach right near the Night Market
    • Check out the Ao Nang Night Market for dinner (this is a great way to save money)
  • Day 9: Explore Ao Nang Beach and take a Longtail Boat Tour to Railay Beach
    • The boats run to and from Railay all day from Ao Nang Beach
  • Day 10: Visit the stunning Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs
    • These tours are done best with a guide that can be booked in advance
    • Allow a full day to see both, along with the Tiger Cave Temple
  • Day 11: Take a day trip to the Hong Islands for snorkeling and kayaking
    • The Hong Islands is another very special day that will be a highlight of your trip

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krabi thailand

Cost of Our Trip in Krabi

Ferry from Phi Phi: $70 (5 people – Ao Ton Sai Pier)

Ground Transportation: $45 (again we used No Plan Phuket to book the taxi from port and to airport)

Longtail Boat Taxi to Railay: $28 (you can pick these up at the Ao Nang Longtail Boat Service Club)

Longtail Boat Tour: $71/ Day (we rented this boat from Ao Nang Beach)

Accommodations: $63/ Day (2 rooms at the Holiday Style in Ao Nang)

Food: $67/ Day (5 people – Breakfast + Lunch + Dinners)


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Day 12-16: Chiang Mai

  • Day 12: Depart from Krabi to Chiang Mai. Check into your accommodation
    • There’s lots of great AirBnB’s in Chang Mai in the Nimman Road Area
    • Here’s the exact villa that we stayed called Boxsoon Nimman 2
  • Day 13: Visit Doi Suthep Temple and explore the Old Town
  • Day 14: Enjoy a day at an ethical elephant sanctuary
  • Day 15: Explore local markets or visit some of the waterfalls and national parks
    • There are some amazing waterfalls like Huay Kaew
  • Day 16: Take a full day Thai cooking course starting at the local markets

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Cost of Our Time in Chiang Mai

Flights from Krabi: $210 (5 people via AirAsia)

Ground Transportation: $62 (we only took a handful of GrabCar rides, otherwise we walked)

Accommodations: $ 87/ Day (4 bedroom townhome with full kitchen)

Food: $83/ Day (5 people – breakfast + lunch + dinner)

Cooking School: $85 (3 people + 2 “observers/tasters”)

Thai Massages: $7/ massage (adults only)

Nails: $40 (4 mani pedis for all the girls)

Laundry: Free (laundry at townhome)

Day 17-21: Bangkok

  • Day 17: Fly to Bangkok, check-in to your chosen accommodation
  • Day 18: Explore the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and take a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River
    • Wat Pho was such a great surprise, we spent several hours there
  • Day 19: Visit family-friendly attractions like SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World or Lumpini Park
    • The girls really enjoyed the parks more than anticipated, as they are all unique
  • Day 20: Explore Bangkok’s cultural sites or enjoy shopping at malls like ICONSiam or Terminal 21
    • These malls have so much to offer other than just shopping, there’s even schools
    • Terminal 21 has a different famous world city theme on every level
  • Day 21: Take a day trip to the ancient city of Ayutthaya or explore local markets and sample street food

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Cost for Our Time in Bangkok

Flights from Chang Mai: $175 (5 people via AirAsia)

Ground Transportation: $35 (BTS + MRT + GrabCar)

Accommodations: $75/ Day (Seekers Finders Rama IV)

Food: $98/ Day (5 people – breakfast + lunch + dinner + snacks)

HarborLand: $65 (5 people entrance fee to play for 3 hours)

traveling to thailand as a family

Overall Thailand Travel Cost for the 3 Weeks in Thailand

A trip to Thailand with your family is a perfect way to bond and create unforgettable memories. From temple visits to water activities and awesome wildlife encounters, this trip will be a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

Thailand Travel Cost (family of five):

Flights: $1,070

Transportation: $307

Accommodations: $1,735

Restaurants + Cafes: $985

Groceries: $137

Sightseeing/ Activities: $470

Total for 3 Weeks: $4,704

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