How many more days until Christmas? I know we’ve all heard that phrase said at least 10 times today. And it happens more and more the closer we get to the big day.  Well mama’s, I’ve finally figured out an easy way to let the kids complete this countdown on their own. Advent calendars… A prize, candy or craft that the kids get every day that helps them figure out how many days are left until Christmas. It puts the counting in their hands.. Literally. So put those traditional calendars away, because I’m about to show you the best advent calendars for the entire family. 

Advent Calendars for Toddlers

Advent Calendars for Toddlers

Bluey Advent Calendar

bluey advent calendar

If your toddler is a Bluey fan, they’ll be so excited to go through this advent calendar with the whole Heeler family! Get it here.

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

play-doh advent calendar

What kid doesn’t love Play-Doh? This is such a fun advent calendar for toddlers and really kids of all ages. With 24 mini cans of Play-Doh, they have lots of a fun with this one! Get it here.

Melissa + Doug Countdown Calendar

melissa and doug advent calendar

This cute Christmas ornament advent countdown is a great way to generate excitement about Christmas for kids! Get it here.

Disney Princess Advent Calendar

disney princess advent calendar

Is your toddler Disney princess obsessed? This Christmas countdown is full of enchanted pop ups to delight your toddler each day! Get it here.

Disney Classic Advent Calendar

disney classic advent calendar

For those Mickey and Minnie Mouse fans, this advent calendar will be a hit! It comes with all sorts of figurines they can continue to play with. Get it here.

Dino Advent Calendar

dino advent calendar

This dino advent calendar will give your toddler so much joy! With every day they’ll pull out a new dino! Get it here.


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Advent Calendars for Kids

Ever since we started doing these advent calendars with our girls the mornings have been more exciting. They wake up happy and ready to see what today’s number will bring them. Will it be candy or will it be something to play with? Open up and see. 

Encanto Advent Calendar 

encanto advent calendar

This was a huge movie in our house this year. We were singing all the songs, and I’m pretty sure we had every word memorized. So this calendar was a HUGE hit in our house. Get it here.

Lego Countdown Calendar 

starwars lego advent calendar

No matter how old you get lego’s never get boring. I think Scott and I even caught ourselves wanting to help the girls build these every day. Get it here.

Train Station Countdown 

train station countdown advent calendar

I loved this little set up, it felt like a Christmas decoration all on its own. Every day you get a small piece and at the end you’ll have an entire train station. Get it here.

Coloring Advent Calendar 

coloring advent calendar

Getting an advent calendar that is interactive and keeps my girls’ hands busy is the best. I love the idea of a Christmas countdown that isn’t a small toy to be lost, or a sweet treat so early in the morning. But something that sparks the creative part in them! Get it here.

Advent Calendars for Tweens

24 Days of Nails Calendar

21 days of nails

When you live in a house with all girls, makeup and nails are a must. My girls loved this fun advent calendar. There wasn’t a clear nail in the house..Even dad had his nails painted! :) Get it here.

DIY Ornament Advent Calendar

diy ornament advent calendar

I love a good craft. This advent calendar was so interactive and all 3 girls loved it. Every day you get the supplies to build a new Christmas tree ornament. Which is perfect, because each of the girls’ rooms has their own Christmas tree. Get it here.

Science Advent Calendar

national geographic science advent calendar

We homeschool our girls, in case you didn’t know. I believe that not all learning is done sitting at a desk. I want it to be fun for our girls. With these fun science experiment calendars, learning really has become fun for them. Get it here.

Advent Calendars for Teenage Boys

Advent Calendars for Teenage Boys

Star Wars Advent Calendar

star wars advent calendar

This Mandalorian advent calendar is perfect for a large percentage of teenage boys! It has 24 commemorative coins they can keep. Get it here.

Exit Game Advent Calendar

exit game advent calendar

This advent calendar is a home escape game, such a cool concept! The whole family can have fun with this game every day during the holidays. Get it here.

Marvel Socks Advent Calendar

marvel socks advent calendar

These Marvel socks make a great countdown to Christmas for teen boys! I love that these advent treats are practical and can be used for a long time. Get it here.

Buddy the Elf Advent Calendar

buddy the elf advent calendar

Buddy the Elf loves candy and I bet your teenage boy does too! They’ll love unwrapping a new sweet each day. Get it here.

Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

hot sauce advent calendar

This could work for teenage boys or your husband! If they enjoy spicy food and like to challenge their tolerance, this would be fun! Get it here.

Tacklebox Advent Calendar

tacklebox advent calendar

This is another one that could work for a teenage boy or husband (or a teenage girl who loves fishing!). Get it here.

Sweet Advent Calendars 

I love to incorporate other things into the holidays than something sweet every way you look. But sometimes getting a little treat to count down until the big day is fun. And with these your kids will look forward to opening them every morning…or afternoon if you choose. :) 

Kinder Advent Calendar

kinder chocolate advent calendar

Individually wrapped kinder treats in festive packaging. Surprise inside for everyday, very exciting! Get it here.

Classic Chocolate Calendar

classic chocolate advent calendar

There’s something too be said about a classic advent calendar with a piece of chocolate in each window. Get it here.

Taste of Christmas Calendar 

taste of christmas calendar

This advent calendar includes 4chocolates and/ or gummies each day. Like: holiday presents, peach hearts, Santa’s donuts, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, heavenly sours, birthday cake caramels, and more. Get it here.

Advent Calendars for Men

Let’s not forget about Mom and Dad. We shouldn’t let the kids have all the fun counting down to Christmas. And my girls always get so excited to help us open up our designated day as well. 

Christmas Puzzle Calendar 

christmas puzzle advent calendar

Each of the 24 days you get a small portion of the puzzle. And by Christmas eve you will have put over 1000 pieces together to create the most beautiful snowy Christmas scene. Get it here.

Best Advent Calendars for Women

Best Advent Calendars for Women

Dolly Parton Advent Calendar 

dolly parton advent calendar

For all of the country music and Dolly Parton fans. Delicious and beautifully wrapped candies, chocolates, caramels, and mints. Get it here.

Elf-Care Advent Calendar

elf case advent calendar

Calendar full of self-care (“elf-care”) tips for taking care of yourself during the holidays. Each day has a unique elf ornament with the relaxing idea or tips. Very cute and necessary! Get it here.

24 Days of Baking Calendar 

baking advent calendar

This one could have definitely gone in the kids section, as my girls love to help out in the kitchen. But mama’s the one doing what feels like an endless amount of baking during the month of December. Such a cute idea! Get it here.


voluspa advent calendar

I love this advent calendar idea! Enjoy a new mini scented candle each day and work your way through each scent that Voluspa offers. Get it here.


stitch a day advent calendar

Women who love embroidery will find this advent calendar relaxing and satisfying! What a fun idea to stitch a new Christmas design each day. Get it here.

New Yorker Puzzle

new yorker advent calendar puzzle

This is a little different since it’s not an actual advent calendar but a puzzle picture of an advent calendar. Women who love puzzles will love piecing together this 1000-piece puzzle. Get it here.


wine advent calendar

12 mini bottles of wine – need I say more? If you love wine, this is a lovely advent calendar to have a little wine tasting at the end of your busy holiday days! Get it here.


ulta advent calendar

15 days of mini beauty products seems like a great idea to treat yourself and also a great opportunity to try some new products that you might want to buy in full size later! Get it here.

Really hope that we added some value to your Christmas countdowns this year. The holiday time is such a hectic and crazy time for parents, and I hope that some of these advent calendars can make it a little more manageable. 

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