Wrapping presents doesn’t have to be a drag. Surely you think that I’m crazy, as most avoid it at all cost. If you do it right, I promise that wrapping can be painless and even enjoyable. I’ve spent plenty of years dreading the task myself. Putting it off until the last minute on Christmas Eve. Many times staying up until 2am wrapping frantically or just stuffing items into gift bags. I’m here to tell you that having the right supplies can make all the difference. Follow along as I roll out some of the best Christmas wrapping hacks.

Wrapping Essentials

Love for Christmas Wrapping

After years of procrastination, I’ve learned that I didn’t hate the present wrapping process, I just didn’t have the right supplies. A few fun wrapping paper prints, and some tools to make the process easier, now I’m in love with another element of Christmas. Here’s some of what I have found to be so helpful in making Christmas wrapping more fun.

Colorful Christmas Wrapping Paper 

I really enjoy shopping for wrapping paper. There are so many fun and festive prints and colors. In particular, the reds and greens resonate with me. Classic holiday designs, like this candy cane wrapping paper give me all the Christmas feels.

Wrapping with Ribbons and Bows 

Adding a fun Christmas ribbon with a pop of color is like the cherry on top of the sundae that is your Christmas present. It’s not complete without something beautiful on top, like a big red bow. My girls really like to play with bows and ribbons once they’re done opening gifts. My oldest collects them and saves them for future wrapping.

Christmas Name Tags 

Finding cute and unique name tags for our Christmas presents is another favorite. As easy as those sticker name tags are, these little gingerbread name tags make the present so much more fun to wrap! So do these other personalized name tags.

Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

This is always the hardest part after finding loads of cute wrapping paper. Where do I store it in the off season? This storage bag has saved me from having to throw out leftovers. It’s so refreshing to get out this bag every season and know right away what I’m working with. Staying organized really changes the wrapping game.

The Best Wrapping Paper Cutter 

If only I had found this wrapping paper cutter sooner. It has been a Christmas present wrapping dream come true! Once you use this little elf, you will feel the same way I do. Bring on the beautiful Christmas wrapping, I’m ready to roll. 

Hope I was able to either give you some more tangible hacks if you already love wrapping or change your perspective a little if you don’t. Making your present beautiful should give you joy, and if you do it right some of the wrapping items could double as Christmas decorations

Looking for some more ways to make the ordinary more magical? Check out my post about the cutest Christmas sheets. There’s also a fun post about 27 Christmas books for kids. I add them to my girls’ book shelves every season, as it helps spread the Christmas cheer throughout the house.