Wrapping presents doesn’t have to be a drag. Surely you think that I’m crazy, as most avoid it at all cost. If you do it right, I promise that wrapping can be painless and even enjoyable. I’ve spent plenty of years dreading the task myself. Putting it off until the last minute on Christmas Eve. Many times staying up until 2am wrapping frantically or just stuffing items into gift bags. I’m here to tell you that having the right supplies can make all the difference. Follow along as I roll out some of the best Christmas wrapping hacks.

Wrapping Essentials

Christmas Wrapping Hacks

Between having the right tools and using clever ways to do your holiday gift wrapping, you can use these gift wrapping hacks to make this time of year much less stressful! Try these hacks and must-have gift wrapping supplies:

Double-Sided Tape Magic

Use double-sided tape for a seamless and professional-looking finish. This way, no visible tape on the side of the paper that disrupts the beautiful paper design, giving your presents a polished appearance. Get it here.

DIY Gift Tags from Old Cards

Upcycle last year’s Christmas cards into creative and personalized gift tags. Simply cut out festive shapes or use decorative scissors for a whimsical touch.

Festive Cookie Cutter Stamps

Use holiday-themed cookie cutters as stamps to create fun and unique gift wrap patterns. Dip the cutter in paint or an ink pad and press onto the paper for a delightful finish. Get them here.

Tissue Paper or Crepe Paper Pizzazz

Layer tissue paper between delicate or oddly shaped gifts to prevent damage. Choose different colors to add an extra pop when recipients open their presents. Get it here.

Yarn or Baker’s Twine Embellishments

Skip traditional ribbon and opt for yarn or twine for a rustic and cozy look. Wrap it around your gift and tie a bow for a charming, homemade touch. Get it here.

Personalized Monogram Gift Wrap

Add a personal touch by incorporating the recipient’s initials into the gift wrap. Use stickers, stencils, or even cut out letters from colorful paper for a customized touch. I love the idea of using brown paper to wrap Christmas gifts and decorating the paper DIY style for each family member!

Christmas Cookie Cutter Gift Tags

Turn cookie cutters into festive gift tags by attaching them to presents with colorful ribbons. Recipients can then use the cookie cutters for holiday baking. This is a fun way to add another small gift to the package!

Use Pine Cones with Ribbons

Attach small pine cones with ribbon on top of the paper you’ve wrapped your gift in. This is a festive and creative way to save money because you might be able to grab these outside if you have pine trees nearby! Otherwise, you can go on a little adventure with your kids to find some! 

Use Colorful Christmas Wrapping Paper

I really enjoy shopping for wrapping paper. There are so many fun and festive prints and colors. In particular, the reds and greens resonate with me. Classic holiday designs, like candy cane wrapping paper give me all the Christmas feels. Get it here.

Wrapping with Ribbons and Bows 

Adding a fun Christmas ribbon with a pop of color is like the cherry on top of the sundae that is your Christmas present. It’s not complete without something beautiful on top, like a big red bow. My girls really like to play with bows and ribbons once they’re done opening gifts. My oldest collects them and saves them for future wrapping. Get them here.

Christmas Name Tags 

Finding cute and unique name tags for our Christmas presents is another favorite. As easy as those sticker name tags are, little gingerbread name tags make the present so much more fun to wrap! So do these other personalized name tags.

Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

This is always the hardest part after finding loads of cute wrapping paper. Where do I store it in the off season? This storage bag has saved me from having to throw out leftovers. It’s so refreshing to get out this bag every season and know right away what I’m working with. Staying organized really changes the wrapping game.

The Best Wrapping Paper Cutter 

If only I had found this wrapping paper cutter sooner. It has been a Christmas present wrapping dream come true! If you would like to be able to cut straight lines in your wrapping paper for once, you need this tool! When it comes to effective ways to handle wrapping paper (and not waste so much paper), this is a must do! This thing just slides over rolls of wrapping paper and holds itself in place as you slide it down the roll! Once you use this little elf, you will feel the same way I do. Bring on the beautiful Christmas wrapping, I’m ready to roll. Get it here.

This holiday season, don’t do the last minute gift bags! Let your imagination run wild and embrace these wrapping hacks to make your gifts stand out under the Christmas tree!

How to Make Gift Wrapping Fun

Making gift wrapping fun is all about infusing creativity and joy into the process. Don’t be afraid to turn up the holiday tunes and create a festive atmosphere by lighting a scented candle or playing your favorite Christmas movie in the background. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and gather up all your supplies!

Choose vibrant and eye-catching wrapping paper that reflects the recipient’s personality or the theme of the occasion. Don’t feel like you always have to use traditional bows and ribbons, come up with your own gift wrap ideas or use colorful yarn or tiny ornaments in your gift toppers. Make it a family affair by involving the kids or friends—turning the wrapping session into a fun bonding experience. Unless you are a perfectionist and this will stress you out more!

Consider incorporating personalized touches like handmade gift tags or even a photo of you and the recipient. Embrace imperfections, because, after all, it’s the thought and effort that count. And if all else fails, a touch of humor can go a long way—wrap small, unexpected items within layers to create a “gift within a gift” and keep everyone guessing. Gift wrapping becomes a joyful expression of love and anticipation when you let your imagination run wild!

Hope I was able to either give you some more tangible hacks if you already love wrapping or change your perspective a little if you don’t. Making your present beautiful should give you joy, and if you do it right some of the wrapping items could double as Christmas decorations

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