Comfy clothes are my love language. Give me a good sweater and some comfy pants, I’m a happy mom. Proud to say, my girls have inherited my love for cozy outfits. Finding casual clothes that are cute is sometimes a struggle. We often want to be comfortable, but need to look cute enough to go out in public. After a long time of searching and searching for the best outfit to relax in. I think I’ve found the best of both worlds for my girls. Put on your most comfortable outfit and read along for the best cozy outfits for girls.

best cozy outfits for girls

Girls Cozy Outfits

I really struggle with wanting the girls to be comfortable, but having them still look presentable. So finding balance has always been my battle. These cozy outfits are those that we’ve now implemented into their wardrobes to create that balance.

Super Cozy Sweat Pants 

Sweatpants are a must in our house. Since we homeschool, some days are spent in jammies and comfy clothes often! These pink flare leggings are so cute!! 

Best Sweaters for Girls

Believe it or not, even in Florida we need a long sleeve sweater in the colder season. This sweater is so soft, and fits my girls perfectly. It also comes in gray too! 

Very Cozy Hoodies

We don’t need a thick winter coat where we live. But sometimes in the morning it is chilly. A sweater won’t be warm enough. So we get to break out our thicker hooded sweatshirts. And who doesn’t love a nice cozy day snuggled up on the couch in a warm sweatshirt. 

Comfortable Slipper for Girls

Really love these slippers. They’re the perfect warm weather slippers. Made to look like a comfy pair of sandals, but so soft and furry like you want your slippers to be. Don’t worry mom, I know you want your own pair. I’ve got you covered! 

After finding the best cozy outfits for my girls that were still cute, I just knew I had to share.

Now the hunt is on to find some cute, stylish comfy clothes for Mom! 

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