Are you yearning for a family adventure that combines the exotic charm of Vietnam with the comforts of a cozy villa? Look no further because we just got back from our 2 weeks in Vietnam and we’re ready to share the best family-friendly villas in Vietnam with you! Whether you’re seeking serenity, adventure, or cultural immersion, there’s something in here for you and your family. We hope you enjoy!

Vietnam Family Villa Key Features:

  • Spacious accommodations with room for the entire family.
  • Kid-friendly amenities like pools, playgrounds, and babysitting services.
  • Proximity to top family attractions and activities.
  • Fenced-in gardens or playgrounds for kids to enjoy safely.
  • Dedicated dining spaces suitable for family meals, both indoors and outdoors.
  • High chairs and age-appropriate dining utensils for younger family members.
  • Configurable bedroom setups, allowing for flexible sleeping arrangements for families.
  • Separate living spaces or areas for adults and children to ensure privacy.
  • Flexible check-in and check-out options, accommodating families with varied travel schedules.

These additional features aim to enhance the family experience and provide convenience, safety, and entertainment for all family members during their stay in Vietnam.


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Best places to stay in Vietnam with kids

Da Nang

Da Nang's Coastal Charm: Golden sandy beaches and modern cityscape with breathtaking ocean views

Da Nang, located on the central coast of Vietnam, is a destination that offers a perfect balance between natural beauty and modern amenities:

  • Beautiful sandy beaches, ideal for beachcombing and water sports.
  • Visit the Marble Mountains for a mix of culture and adventure.
  • Explore the Ba Na Hills, home to an amusement park and gardens.
  • Savor delectable local cuisine and international dining options.
  • Discover family-friendly resorts and villas with stunning ocean views.

Hoi An

Family strolling through the lantern-lit streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hoi An, a charming ancient town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a top destination for families interested in culture, history, and arts:

  • Stroll through the well-preserved old town’s lantern-lit streets.
  • Visit cultural landmarks like the Japanese Covered Bridge and Hoi An Ancient House.
  • Participate in lantern-making workshops and cultural performances.
  • Explore lush rice paddies and water buffalo-drawn cart rides in the countryside.
  • Stay in family-friendly boutique hotels and traditional homestays.

Nha Trang

Family villa view of beautiful sandy beaches of Nha Trang

Nha Trang, located along the pristine coast of Central Vietnam, is a haven for family travelers. This coastal city offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Here’s why Nha Trang is an excellent choice:

  • Beautiful sandy beaches, ideal for building sandcastles and swimming.
  • Water parks and amusement parks like Vinpearl Land for endless family fun.
  • Snorkeling and boat trips for memorable underwater explorations.
  • Plenty of family-friendly restaurants serving fresh seafood and local delights.
  • Various family-oriented accommodations, including beachfront villas and resorts.

Best family villas in Vietnam

Hapier Villa (Nha Trang)

Enjoy a relaxing family getaway at Hapier Villa with a stunning private pool and scenic surroundings

Hapier Villa is a very modern vacation rental with outstanding views of Nha Trang Bay. The villa offers four bedrooms and an expansive kitchen space that’s great for family dinners. Hapier Villa is the perfect holiday getaway for families looking for private surroundings.

Beachfront Villa (Nha Trang)

Experience the magic of sunset from the Beachfront Villa, creating unforgettable family memories

Beachfront Villa is in an amazing location in Nha Trang, within a quiet villa resort right on the ocean. This 1 bedroom retreat is modernly designed with beautiful decor and pristine landscape. Great for smaller families, Beachfront Villa is a magical paradise.

Heron House (How An)

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of Heron House, a family-friendly villa surrounded by nature

Located in Hoi An, Heron House is a very intimate property for larger families. It is fully staffed with all day concierge services for any special celebratory occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Enjoy its lush gardens and outdoor spaces, perfect for family gatherings and relaxation.

Lido Villa (Hoi An)

Step into the world of elegance and comfort at Lido Villa, an ideal retreat for families in Vietnam

Lido Villa is a contemporary four-bedroom villa, very close to Tan Thanh and An Bang beaches. Offering spacious bedrooms and a private swimming pool, it is the ideal destination for a Vietnam family getaway.

2 Bedroom Cliff Villa (Nha Trang)

2 Bedroom Cliff Villa offers a unique family experience with stunning cliffside views and modern amenities

This 2 Bedroom Cliff Villa is located within a secure resort in Nha Trang. Sit back and relax in the private garden and cool off in the swimming pool that’s just steps from the crashing waves. 2 Bedroom Cliff Villa is ideal for smaller Hoi An family retreats.

Why choose a Vietnam family vacation?

Diverse Landscapes

Vietnam offers a diverse range of landscapes, from tranquil beaches to lush mountains. Your family can explore a variety of sceneries in one trip.

Rich Culture

Immerse your family in a rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture. Discover ancient traditions, visit local markets, and savor delicious cuisine.

Affordable Luxury

Vietnam offers an incredible blend of luxury and affordability. You can experience high-quality accommodation and dining without breaking the bank.

Family-Friendly Activities

Vietnam caters to families with a wide array of fun activities, from beachside adventures to cultural exploration.

Warm Hospitality

Vietnamese locals are known for their warm and welcoming nature, making your family feel right at home.

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