I am normally one of those “traditional” Christmas decor lovers but ever since I had my 3 girls something changed. My love for pink! My home is already filled with so much pink so it would make sense that I would bring that in for Christmas as well. I shared my girls rose gold Christmas tree in Instagram stories this week and my readers had so many questions. So I went on a hunt for my all-time favorite Christmas trees on the market right now and here is what I found. I hope this list helps you when searching for the best pink Christmas trees.

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pink Christmas trees

Pink Christmas Trees

  1. White to pink ombre tree-  this is a beutiful lighter pink option that transforms any room into a wimsicle winter wonderland. It is a great price at $75 that is small enough to easily store but can still bless a room with its beauty. Comes in 5, 6 and 7 feet.
  2. Light Pink Tree-  this tree is a little more traditional pink and comes with 300 mini warm lights to add great sparkle to any theme. This tree is a little more at $150 but has light flocking on the branches and is 7 feet of LED prelighting. Good value.
  3. Rose Gold Tree-  here is the shiny rose gold tree that my girls tend to be drawn to. Also prelit for added flare, this 7.5 foot tree is perfect for the glamour themed holiday room.
  4. Ombre Tree-  here’s another pink and white ombre tree that is pre-lit. This is a great deal right now as it is on sale for $65 with free prime shipping. It is 7 feet and so cute!
  5. 7.5′ Lighted Pink Tree- this tree is a bit taller and had lots of character in its branches. It’s more traditional pink in color and also includes clear white lights. On sale for $210.
  6. Pink Tinsel Tree- this is a shinier, but adorable alternative that comes in a few sizes, 4 feet, a 6 foot tree and then a smaller friend that looks to be about a 1 foot tree and so cute.
  7. Pink Fir Tree- this tree is super fun! It comes in 6 feet and 7.5 feet, not prelit but has lots of space to create a very cheerful holiday theme. $108

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