Halloween is over, now what? We know a lot of families like to jump right into Christmas but if you are like us and want to cherish a bit of that fall season this is the post for you. As the leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold, and a crisp chill fills the air, there’s no better time to snuggle up with your little ones and embark on a delightful journey through the enchanting world of Fall books for kids. The pages of these stories are like doorways to a world filled with vibrant foliage, harvest festivals, and the warm embrace of family.

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Why Fall Books for Kids? Embracing the Season’s Charm

Fall is a season of transformation, a time when nature undergoes a breathtaking makeover. What better way to celebrate this change with your children than through the enchanting world of Fall books? These stories not only captivate young minds but also instill a love for the season and its unique beauty. By immersing your kids in Fall-themed literature, you can ignite their imagination, enhance their vocabulary, and create cherished memories.



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Fall Books For Kids

  1. You’re my little Pumpkin Pie (baby-2y) – A board book perfect for your little one. It has cutouts and colorful pages, perfect for little readers.
  2. The Little Acorn (baby-5y) – This darling book talks about the life cycle of a tree. Perfect for your little readers.
  3. Five Silly Turkeys (2-5y) – Your toddler will love this book of colorful Turkeys doing silly things.
  4. I am Thankful (3-5y) – I Am Thankful is an adorable, rhyming standout in Thanksgiving books for kids that follows three different families as they celebrate this wonderful holiday with their own traditions, acts of kindness, and ways of giving back.
  5. Pick a Pumpkin (3-7y) – I included this book in my Halloween book list but I also wanted to include it here, it’s that good. Follow along with the familiar ritual of transforming an ordinary pumpkin into a one-of-a-kind glowing jack-o’-lantern.
  6. Apple Cake: A Gratitude (3-8y) – In this simple rhyming story, a child says thank you for the gifts nature provides, from hazelnuts in the hedge to apples from the tree, eggs from the hens to milk from the cow. Eventually, the family has enough ingredients to make something special…a delicious apple cake!
  7. Thanksgiving in the Woods (4-7y) – Every year a family and their friends gather in the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving among the trees. Everyone brings something to share and the day becomes a long celebration of family, faith, and friendship
  8. The Scarecrow: A Fall Book for Kids (4-8y) – a gorgeous and poignant picture book about two unexpected friends and the special connection they share.
  9. Sweep (4-8y) – I love how this book uses the imagery of leaves to discuss emotions. It’s a great story to help your little one understand their big feelings.
  10. Porcupine’s Pie: Woodland Friends 1 (4-8y) – Porcupine can’t wait to share Fall Feast with her woodland friends, so when everyone she greets is unable to bake their specialty due to a missing ingredient, Porcupine generously offers staples from her pantry
  11. Greeting Seasons: Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (4-7y) – a beautifully illustrated story of the changing of seasons. You could flip through these pages for hours!
  12. The Very Last Leaf (4-7y) – This story talks about emotions and the idea of wanting to be perfect and the anxiety that can come along with it. Such a beautiful story with the prettiest illustrations.
  13. Leif and the Fall (5-8y) – Leif is a leaf who is afraid to fall so he tries several different ways until the wind blows. This story talks about the idea of failing and the fear associated with it.
  14. Faces of Fall (5-8y) – Autumn is here, and these leaves are ready to fall. But…each of them has different feelings about it! Your kids can spot each feeling in the faces of fall.
  15. The Leaf Thief (4-7y) – Cutest little picture book that teaches kids about Autumn and adapting to the seasons.
  16. How to Catch a Turkey (5-8y) – This is the Thanksgiving version of the bestselling “How to Catch” Series. It’s a funny little tale about a turkey that gets loose in a school before the Thanksgiving play.
  17. Too Many Pumpkins (4-7y) – Great book for young gardeners and pumpkin lovers. It teaches a wonderful lesson about helping others that can be read in the classroom or at home.

Fall Books and Creative Activities

Reading is just the beginning. Pair your Fall books with fun and educational activities that will enrich your child’s experience.

  • Create a “Leaf Art Gallery” by collecting leaves on nature walks and crafting beautiful artwork inspired by the colors of Fall.
  • Whip up a batch of pumpkin soup from “Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper, and let your kids engage in the cooking process.
  • Plant a “Little Acorn” tree seed with your little ones and watch it grow over the season. Teach them about the life cycle of a tree and how it transforms just like the seasons do.
  • Craft your own “Five Silly Turkey” masks using paper plates and colorful feathers. Then, put on a mini turkey parade to bring the book’s characters to life.
  • Bake a delicious “Apple Cake” with your kids, and while it’s in the oven, talk about what you’re grateful for in your life.
  • Read the heartwarming story about “The very last leaf” on the tree. Then, let your children paint their own “last leaf” and discuss the changing seasons and nature’s resilience.

With these creative activities, each book becomes an opportunity for hands-on learning, imagination, and connection with the changing season. Enjoy the Fall with these wonderful stories and the magic they bring to your family’s traditions. Happy reading and exploring!

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Dive into the world of Fall books for kids, create wonderful memories, and share the joy of the season with your little ones. If you ever need help finding the perfect Fall books or fun activities, don’t hesitate to connect with us. We’re here to make your homeschooling journey magical and memorable.