Here’s another one of my absolute favorite parts about preparing for the Christmas holidays. I have what you call a Santa mug obsession. When I shared my little collection on Instagram I got so many requests for a round up of some of my favorites. Here are my top picks for the cutest Santa Mugs for this Christmas.

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santa mugs

*This Santa Mug post has been modified to include updated and available versions of the products within.*

Cute Santa Mugs

  1. Christmas Santa Mug: Really love this little squished face Santa. Brings me joy with every sip!
  2. Santa Claus Mug: So unique and beautifully crafted, I must get the matching Mrs. Claus mug.

  3. Santa Claus Ceramic Mugs: Classic Santa Claus, just as jolly as can be. Comes in a set of 4.
  4. Vintage Ceramic Mug: More of a vintage Santa with rosy red cheeks, super cute.
  5. Holiday Time Santa Mug: Big full beard and some holly on his hat, love this one.

  6. Figural Santa Mug: Wow is this one precious! Love the beard and snowflakes cap. Check out Mrs. Claus!

  7. Pottery Barn Santa Mugs: These are gorgeous and very well made. They can be purchased single or in a set of 4.

  8. The Jolly Elf Mug: Fun little shape that includes more of his

  9. Christmas Holiday Winter Santa: Makes you want to give him a kiss on the cheek and then a sip from his hat.

  10. Festive Santa Mug: Super cute, with great features and you have to love the little spectacles.

I am adding at least 2 of these to my Santa mug collection this year. Maybe a few more if I’m lucky!

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