Guys this year was one for the record books. I’m acting all cool and composed now that’s it over, but the day of Halloween I was a nervous wreck. I didn’t even have one of the five costumes completed, and I could see my Greatest Showman costume dreams (or more like a million dreams) crumbling before my eyes. We were somehow able to pull it all together, with the help of so many, and it actually turned out better than I ever envisioned. Follow along to see The Greatest Showman family Halloween costume.

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Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes | Anne Wheeler | Acrobat
Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes - Anne Wheeler - acrobat

Anne Wheeler Greatest Showman Costume

Anne Wheeler from The Greatest Showman was my daughter’s favorite character so getting her to play the part was pretty easy. We purchased the pink wig and spray painted a hula hoop that we already we had. She looked so pretty and had a smile on her face the entire night.

Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes - solder

General Tom Thumb Costume

This one is awesome. She had so much fun with being little Napoleon/ Tom Thumb we got from Amazon. She wielded that sword all night to ward off any spooky Halloween spirits and was

Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes | bearded lady

The Bearded Lady Costume

Both of my younger daughters had easier costumes. I was able to purchase them online and get them delivered quickly. The bearded lady dress was such a find and so much fun to create. My daughter didn’t love wearing the beard, so I would probably draw it next time. Besides the scratchy beard, she really enjoyed her costume and has worn the dress since.

Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes | tattoo man

Greatest Showman Tattoo Man Costume

The show-stealer had to be my husband as the tattoo man. He was hesitant at first, but totally got into character. Most of the questions I got were about his tattoos. They are temporary tattoos that we found on Amazon. The ones on his face were drawn with an eyeliner pencil and he wore a fake beard and darkened his hair with spray. He did have to shave to apply the tattoos and his costume was made with fabric and safety pins. He is wearing shorts under the cloth just in case!

Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes

The Greatest Showman P.T. Barnum Costume

My showman costume was so easy. I used fabric glue to attached the gold rope onto my victorian style jacket. I paired that with a white button-down and black leggings and finished it with a cute little top hat and cane we had from another costume.

Greatest Showman Halloween Costumes

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I hope these costumes inspire you to find your own creativity this Halloween. This is such a fun costume idea and As much as we loved watching the greatest showman movie, we loved dressing up even more.