With every new parenting article I read I notice a re-occurring theme. The article could be about toddler temper tantrums or getting your child to sleep through the night. It could be about surviving the teen years or helping your kid do better in school. With the scroll of each page I notice one message being shared over and over again. CONNECTION. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I hear about this really simple concept all the time. It is something that makes a noticeable difference in my children’s behavior, it helps with their learning, it makes our family happier as a whole, and it is so simple to do. Our children yearn for connection. Most of the time it’s why they act up. Today I want to share a really simple thing that my family does to keeps us connected and all around makes us happier.


I started singing with my children when they were babies. First came the nursery rhymes and as they got older the types of songs we sang started to change. They formed their own tastes and had their own opinions about the music they loved and I followed their lead.


Even though they like the current pop songs on the radio I worry that it’s not always appropriate. I love listening to KIDZ BOP with them. The songs are fun and totally on trend with my music my daughters love. Plus I love listening and singing along as well.

If you haven’t tried a car karaoke session with your kids, pop that CD in the car stereo and give it a try. Trust me, if you put your inhibitions aside you will really love it. Even if my daughters aren’t in the best moods our jam sessions with KIDZ BOP always turn things around. Plus when I get into it (how could I not, the songs are so fun) I am showing my girls that I see them and that being present in the moment with them is the only thing that is important to me.


In a day and age when we are rushing from one place to the next, distracted by all sorts of things and busier than we have ever been, it’s nice to slow down and connected with our kids.


Show them you can be silly and fun too. Let them pick their favorite song. Sing loud and don’t feel one bit embarrassed.


On days when we do our car karaoke with KIDZ BOP I notice our whole day is better. My kids feel connected to me and it shows in the way we interact and how they listen.


Doing these jam sessions in the car in between errands is so easy and fun and takes no time at all and I bet you will notice a difference in the way your day plays out.


Try the new KIDS BOP 38, it has some of my girls favorite hits. And mine too.


What are some things you do to connect with your children? DO you like to sing and dance together? What are some of your favorite KIDZ BOP songs. Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you to KIDZ BOP for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.