Not sure if you’re familiar with the Disney/ Pixar animated movie The Incredibles, but we sure are! The Incredibles is about a super hero family living as normal civilians in a suburban area called Metroville. When the Dad, Bob, gets pulled back into crime fighting, he notices a tear in his super suit, he visits a super hero costume designer, Edna Mode. Edna is an eccentric fashion designer that steals the show and now has her own band of followers, including my children. We had so much fun creating this costume and recreating scenes and reciting dialogue from the movie. Follow along to see how we made The Incredibles Edna Mode Halloween Costume for Kids.

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Edna Mode’s Hair

Getting the hair right is a must when you’re trying to replicate an Edna Mode Costume. We considered spraying her hair black and trimming the bangs to accomplish some authenticity, but the wig was just too good not to pass up. It’s such a distinctive part of the entire Edna costume, that you really need it to be spot on. There are several styles on Amazon and other Halloween sites, but this wig that we used seemed to fit well and look great.

Edna’s Glasses

One of the other very distinctive parts of the Edna Mode costume is her glasses. While the wig we chose comes with the dark framed circular glasses, you can also buy them separately if you have the wig or going with a DIY hairstyle. Whatever you choose for the glasses, make sure to go big and really exaggerate them for best results.

Edna’s Black Dress

While Edna Mode’s dress is very unique and has lots of dimension in the movie, she always wears black. We decided o incorporate a leotard and tutu with our costume, but there are several options here. You could go with a long sleeve cotton ruffle dress, you could go with a v-neck jumper, or you could separate it with a top and skirt or long pajamas keeping it simple.

Edna’s Black Shoes

It’s a little hard to tell if Edna wears small black shoes, no shoes, or really high boots in the movie. For this part of the Halloween costume, I would go with what works best for you and your littles. You can get small Mary Jane’s, go with some outdoor combat style boots, or do what we did and wear Hunter boots. Whatever you choose as the footwear, be sure to get some really high black sox to complete the look. We definitely could have gone higher with ours, but I think we still accomplished the essence of Edna.

Edna’s Signature Red Collar

As inconspicuous as it is, the red collar is another very important part of the Edna Mode Halloween costume. We made our collar out of one old shiny red ribbon, but there are certainly many other ways to do so. You could cut it out of felt, wrapping paper, use construction paper or color some printer paper. There’s always using the collar as inspiration and going with a chiffon scarf to finish off the costume. This is one of the areas where you can get creative and make it your own.

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