These wild curls perfectly match this two year olds vivacious personality. I hear the term “terrible twos” often, I used to say it quite a bit myself.
I feel that if I’m predisposed to consider her behavior as “terrible” than my reaction is equally that, “terrible”.
Maybe it’s not “terrible twos”. Maybe it’s just “curious twos” or “independent twos”. Maybe just “confusing twos” or “just trying to figure it out twos”. Instead of my criticism this little bird needs my compassion. She doesn’t judge me based on my age (ever heard of crabby 33?!? ?) and so I’m not going to judge her.
“Children are born with wings,but not yet ready to fly.
Some push them out of the nest,
expose them to the elements, and
leave them to struggle on their own.
Some weigh them down
with criticism,
clipping their wings and
keeping them forever earthbound.
But those who know the joy of flight
nurture their strengths,
guide their fledgling flights,
and lift them up
until they’re
ready to soar
on their own.” L.R.Knost
the not so terrible twos