It’s a new year, so it’s time for new adventures! We’ve had a slow start to the year, relaxing and enjoying the memories from our 22 trips in 2022. But, we’re also in high-gear planning for lots of travels in 2023! Let’s talk about my top tips and tricks for getting the best travel deals so you and your family can plan more magical trips this year. Plus, I’m planning a trip for US – yes, YOU and me! – to take this year.

Thinking about traveling domestically and internationally can sound expensive. Whenever you think about going on a trip, especially for longer stays, you’re expecting to spend a lot of money. The truth is, many people are traveling every day at higher prices than necessary. From an airline ticket to a hotel room, you can very likely get a better rate than the first rate you find in your google flights search. Let’s walk through some easy ways to find better flight options and save money in the short and long term so you can travel more!

Our Top 4 Tips for Booking the Best Travel Deals

Booking a good deal, or even great deals is not out of reach for anyone! People do it all the time, you just need to know all the tips and tricks! After all the traveling we’ve done, we have more hacks than your travel agent at this point! Get the lowest rate for your travel plans by using these tips!

Be Flexible

Having flexibility on which days you travel and even what airport you fly into is the best way to get the lowest price and is one of my top tips for booking the best deals on flights and lodging. Flight prices can be much more affordable when you are flexible with travel dates. One of my favorite ways to do that is via SkyScanner, which I go into detail about in the next section!

Set Alerts

Setting alerts on multiple airlines, hotel chains, and travel sites is a great way to score deals, especially to get the best price alerts on last-minute deals. This is the best option so you don’t miss a deal and you don’t have to check in on flight deals all the time.

When you sign up for these alerts, you can often set alerts for dates you want to travel, as well as specific destinations. You’ll get alerts on price drops and last-minute deals you would otherwise miss.

Loyalty Programs

Joining flight and hotel reward loyalty programs is such an easy way to score deals. Anyone can do this, but it’s a really good idea if you travel frequently. Not only can you accrue points as you travel, but you’re often the first to learn about deals and new offers. Plus joining them is almost always free. Getting a better deal for just signing up for a free loyalty program is a big win!

Speaking of loyalty programs, check out Our Top 6 Favorite Travel Credit Cards. There are so many perks and rewards you can get from a travel credit card! Deals on hotel stays and flight mileage plus other great deals. They offer great ways to save money and when you are traveling all the time, the bonus points really add up.

Go Incognito

go incognito

Okay, this is such an easy way to get the best deals. On your choice of browser, you can go “incognito” and essentially hide your browsing history. This allows you to appear as a new user every time you search for a flight. Doing this will prevent the search engines and their algorithms from seeing your various searches and showing you specific rates. You can get the best rates this way.

Here is how I book the cheapest flights

One of my favorite ways to book travel is through SkyScanner. This is how I find the best deals! You can use SkyScanner on your computer or phone through their mobile app. It’s so easy to use and gets you the best deals for both international flights and domestic flights. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use it to book your next trip!


Select the airport you are departing from and choose EVERYWHERE as your destination.


For the date of travel, you’ll select ANYTIME. On the desktop version, you’ll choose WHOLE MONTH and CHEAPEST MONTH.


Click SEARCH and see all the deals before your very eyes. Try it now.

tips for booking a great deal on flights

You really can travel on a budget if you plan ahead and be strategic! Case in point: our recent trip to Paris where we paid $18 for flights for our family of 5! A little planning goes a long way towards making your travel dreams come true! Happy planning and traveling!

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