Bath time in my house used to be a pretty daunting task. Wrangling three toddlers who were all going in different directions isn’t what I normally call fun. I decided it was time to revamp our toddler bath time routine. I recently incorporated some new ideas during our bath time and it’s funny how changing a few new things makes such a huge difference. Now I actually look forward to bath time.

Now, bath time is a time when I can bond with my girls. They are having fun. I am having fun. All while getting the job done. I also want to make sure I am using the best possible products for my girls to keep them clean. We recently fell in love with Ivory’s new Free & Gentle body washes and love how they have simplified bath time for us.

toddler bath time made easy

Here are a few ways we have made our bath time run a whole lot smoother.


  1. Pick their favorite toys – No brainer, right?!? But here is a fun and easy tip. I keep some of their favorite toys on rotation and I’ll switch them up every few weeks. Is bath time going a little crazy tonight? The perfect night to switch and bring out a “new” set of toys for them to play with.toddler bath time toys
  2. Think outside the box – I have brought all kinds of things into the bath to grab my kids attention. Bath bombs to shaving cream, the bath is a great time to engage with your kids and continue their sensory play without making a mess all over your house. Another great activity we like to do in the bath is bubbles. not bubble bath, but actual bubbles. Want to see your kids listen? Let them know you will bring out the bubbles and they will cooperate.toddler bath time bubbles
  3. Make it relaxing – I started incorporating classical music and essential oils during our bath time and it has helped relax my girls for bedtime. It helps that Ivory Free & Gentle body washes are made with essential oils, so they add to the whole experience. Be sure to read all about my detox bath for toddlers in THIS POST. It’s a great way to get them relaxed and boost their immune system at the same time.
  4. Be picky when it comes to products – I really try to choose the best products for my girls. Safe ingredients are so important to me. I love these soaps from Ivory. Ivory has been a trusted brand for over 130 years, creating the first soap that was 99.44% pure. They have continued to make safe products for families with their new Free and Gentle body wash. We love the Sweet Pea & Lily scent, the slightest hint of sweetness without being too overwhelming. This body wash uses essential oils to match your body’s PH leaving my girl’s cleaned and moisturized. This makes bath time easy because we don’t have to pick between the adults and kids, the whole family can benefit from the pure formula and focus on the important part of bath time, having fun!toddler bath time natural products
  5. Engage – One of the biggest things that made a difference for us was the way we engaged with our children at bath time. Once we stopped looking at it like job and started having fun the whole experience became easier.toddler bath time laughing



I hope some of these tips can help you and that your next toddler bath time will be a breeze.


Do you have tips and tricks that help your toddler bath time? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.


toddler bath time splashing