Why should your kids bring their own backpacks on vacation

  1. It helps them get excited for the trip because they can pack some of their own items.
  2. It teaches them responsibility by having them take care of their own bag.
  3. Gives you extra packing space so you don’t have to fit everything in your bag.
  4. Its a great place to keep activities, toys, and even snacks.

There are so many great reasons why you should consider giving your kids a backpack on your travels. Now the question is: how do you pick the right one?

How to choose the perfect kids backpack 


The trick here is to find the back that maximizes the most space without being too big for your little one. When looking at the right bag for your child you want to make sure the top of the bag hits mid shoulder and the bottom of the bag doesn’t go further than the bottom of their back.

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to travel backpacks. If your child ends up with a bag that is too big for them it will more than likely be uncomfortable and too heavy. More than likely that means you will end up carrying it for them.


When looking at backpacks for your kids think about how heavy the bag is before you ever put anything in it. Most backpacks range from 6 to 10 pounds and possibly even less for kid versions. Find bags that are durable yet made of lightweight materials. You want to make sure your child is never carrying ore than 15% of their body weight on their back.


One of the things I look for when picking a travel backpack for my kids is the padding on the straps and back of the bag. Yes, we want to make sure we are picking lightweight bag, but not at the expense of comfort. Look for bags with padding on the straps because that will make the biggest impact on how comfortable the travel backpack is for your kids to carry.


Your Childs backpack needs to be whale to withstand all the throwing, pulling, packing, and other travel strains you are going to put it through. Look for easy to clean materials that are reinforced. Extra points if you can throw the backpack in the washing machine as it can get super dirty after those exit icing vacations.

the best kids travel backpacks

The best Travel Backpacks for Kids

kids travel backpack

Fjallraven Backpack

This bag is small but mighty. It probably won’t be your choice if you want to skip the luggage but its a great choice if you want your child to carry a bag for their personal items. Its super lightweight and really durable. I love the top handle so you can easily grab it and go

Kane Kids Double Pocket

This is a great middle sized bag, not too big or too small, and can still fit a lot. This particular size is geared towards kids 3rd grade and up but they do carry smaller and larger versions on their site as well. This bag always has a ton of great reviews from parents about how well made they are. It is less than a pound in weight and has a lot of storage options. This is a great contender for your kids but it is a bit pricer than our other bag options.

Hershel Backpack – Youth

We brought this bag with us on our most recent Europe trip and we really liked it. What impressed me the most was how comfortable this bag was for my kids. The straps had a lot of padding. I just wish this bag had more compartments compared to some of the other backpacks we have tried. 

Flower Garden Large Kids Backpack

Water resistant and made from recycled water bottles. This was one of my girls first picks because they loved the design. I also loved that this bag has 2 side pockets. That really comes in handy when you are on the go. This bag also comes in two smaller sizes for younger kids.

Lightning Bolts Pink Large Kids Backpack

Similar to the backpack above this pack has a lot of great features for traveling. Its super spacious and has padded straps and honestly fits all the criteria we look for when picking a travel backpack. They even have the option for personalization if you are into that.

Tie-Dye Rolling Backpack

As my girls get older, and their travel backpacks get heavier, we are considering moving them to these rolling backpacks. Why rolling backpacks and not just a rolling luggage? A lot of airlines charge for carryon items but they give you a personal item for free. As a family of 5 it saves us so much money, especially when we are trying to get in 22 trips in one year.

Deluxe Book Pack

This bag claims to be indestructible and that is definitely something you want since traveling can be really tough on these backpacks. Its waterproof and can fit so much. This would be the perfect option for one of those long haul trips where you need to pack a lot.

Mackenzie Aqua Disney Princess Backpack

You probably recognize this backpack from our viral videos, this is the backpack we use the most for traveling. The durability, comfort, size, number of compartments, it has so much to offer. Honestly we keep coming back to it year after year because it gives us everything we need on our travels. 

Here are some other backpacks we love

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