After all our travels and all of my experience packing, I tend to think of myself as an expert-level packer now. When you’re traveling on a budget, especially with kids, you need to save both space and money. And saving space also saves you money, so it’s a win-win! I have tried a ton of different travel items to make our travels easier and more convenient, the items that made it on to the list below are the items that I really feel improved our experiences in some way. Check out the travel items I always use that help save money!

Travel Items That Help You Save

Jet Lag Mask

budget friendly travel tips

This facial mask is great because it helps your skin adapt to changing climates no matter where your travels take you. Helps you cut down on skincare items as you travel, which makes it easy to pack light and cut down on baggage fees!


budget friendly travel tips

This is hands-down of the best baby travel products. It helps you save on needing multiple rooms, but allowed parents and older siblings to enjoy the evening while baby snoozes in their own tent – this is not just a good idea, it genius!

Kindle For Kids

budget friendly travel tips

Compact and lightweight, Kindle for Kids has doubled our girls’ reading since they got them for Christmas. This helps us continue to pack light and avoid the extra cost of baggage while having reading and other activities at their fingertips.

Packable Puffer

budget friendly travel tips

This is the ultimate travel jacket. Warm enough for cooler temps, but small enough that it folds into its own bag (click the link to see the video!).

Other Ideas That Can Help You Save Money

A sunscreen stick

sunscreen stick

This simple and small item can save you money when you’re headed to a tropical location where sunscreen is needed, any local shops will be selling it at a premium. Sunscreen sticks are great for tossing in your carry-on because they’re small and lightweight.

Space saver vacuum storage bags

vacuum storage bags

If you need to pack bulky clothing, like we did on our trip to Iceland, you’ll need a solution for reducing the amount of space that clothing takes up. Vacuum storage bags are the solution! They come with a hand pump for repacking to head home.

Empty water bottle

water bottles

Taking an empty water bottle through security allows you to fill up once you get through and continue to fill up for free throughout your trip whenever you find the opportunity. In airports, there is usually a fountain for water bottles after security. Throughout your tip, you could fill up at your hotel or refill at cafes and restaurants as you explore.

Laundry detergent


Laundry detergent packets take up very little space and are very handy to have if you’re packing light and planning on doing your laundry somewhere during your trip. They will save you money and the trouble of finding detergent.

Mini luggage scale

mini luggage scale

One of the easiest ways to rack up some fees during your travel is by having an overweight bag. This handy gadget is so helpful!

Choose the Right Travel Items That Will Save You Money

Depending on your specific situation or travel plans, you may or may not need some of these items every time you travel, but if you think it through, some of these can save you money and a lot of hassle. We have been saved many times by these items in various ways! Traveling with your family on a budget is totally possible and it can even be a really cool experience to spend time fine tuning your travel planning skills. I hope some of these items will help make your next trip great!

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