How many times during a road trip do your kids tell you they’re hungry?  I’m hungry! I want a snack! 200. The answer is 200. At least that’s how it feels when we’re on a road trip with our kids. Bedtime and during a road trip, kids become the most hungry and thirsty people alive! I have made quite possibly the most genius road trip hack there is. An organized way (you know I’m all about organized travel) to control your kid’s snacks, but also put them in control of their snacking. This is one of my most powerful genius road trip hacks for kids!

Kid Eating Snacks

This snackle box is completely customizable, down to the size of compartments you use. You can pick which snacks, or even a full lunch, you want in there. Then your kids get to graze at their own pace, want, or need.  The best part is that you can reuse this hack every trip you take. Pack it up with your travel bags and use it next time.   

So, check out this amazingly easy but totally genius snackle box hack! 

What is a snackle box?

I see you there scratching your head. You’re probably thinking what in the world of road trip hacks is a snackle box? I see your curiosity, but you have questions. Right?

It is a smoosh of 2 words to create probably the best and time saving road trip hack

Snack + tackle box = Snackle box  

Does that make sense? It really is that simple. Snacks inside a tackle box. But really, there is so much more to it than that. 

Travel Snackle Box

What you will need for your snackle box 

I’ve said this hack is simple.. All it requires is 2 things. 

  • A tackle box. The only suggestion I have here is, make sure the dividers can be removed and moved around to customize your compartment sizes. 
  • Snacks. Whatever your kids will love, and maybe a few healthy options too. :) 

What to put inside your snackle box 

This is probably one of my favorite road trip hacks of all time, simply because it is so easy and can be customized to each kid. It gives me the opportunity to give them the snacks that they love, and even sneak in some healthy options. 

What I put inside our snackle box 

We decided that ours would include lunch for our girls. But here are a few items I put in my girls’ snackle box for our 9 hour road trip. 

  • A sandwich. Any kind your kids want. We choose PB&J. Always a favorite in our house. 
  • Dried fruits and vegetables. My girls love dried fruits and veggies. And they’re so small that they can fit inside this box. 
  • Fresh fruits and veggies. Some of these you’ll have to be careful with because they don’t store well outside of a fridge for more than a few hours. But small tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, and blueberries would travel perfectly. 
  • Cheese. This could be the baby bell round cheese, they fit perfectly in a single square. Or even sliced up or string cheese. 
  • Granola bar. Could be a regular granola bar, or a fruit and grain softer cereal bar. 

I even included a few fun, not so healthy snacks in there as well. 

  • Cookies. Broken in half larger cookies. Oreo’s fit nice, or even a bite sized cookie. 
  • Fruit snacks. Taken out of the package fits so well in there. 
  • Crackers. Goldfish or teddy grahams. Small and fit so well in there. 
  • Candy. This could be repurposed from around the house, or leftover from a recent holiday. Even a package of store bought candy can be split between a few snackle boxes. Or even saved in mom’s bag for her to snack on, or refill a compartment for later. 

Other fun snack options 

  • Chips. Toss a few in a larger compartment. 
  • Nuts. Any kind works well. And they’re small. A favorite snack in our house. 
  • Apple sauce pouch. These may need a larger compartment to fit. But they’re easy clean up and come in a few different fun flavors.                                    **Go check out my post about a garbage can hack. It will make your snackle box clean up even easier!!** 
  • Popcorn. Comes in different flavors as well. You could even put in a sweeter popcorn for fun too. 
  • Pretzels. So many fun different shapes and sizes. 
  • Chex mix or trail mix. This could be store bought, or your kids could make their own. I smell a fun pre road trip craft with the kids. 

A breakfast snackle box

Dare I even mention a breakfast snackle box? 

If you’re planning a long road trip, my guess is that you’re planning to leave early. Your kids might even be sleeping when you leave, we can dream right? What’s better than 1 snackle box? Yup..2! 

Here’s a quick idea of that you could put in a breakfast snackle box

  • Mini pancakes. The premade frozen ones would fit great. 
  • Waffle. Cut into strips of course. 
  • Cereal. Choose your favorite. 
  • Fruit. Make sure what you pick will last a few hours though. Did you know you can cut a banana in half and wrap the open end in tinfoil and it will last longer? 

Did I blow your mind with this road trip hack greatness? I really hope so. 

We use the snackle box on every trip now. It has really changed our traveling game entirely. And I hope it changes your traveling strategy going forward. 

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If you use this hack, post it and tag me in it on Instagram or Tiktok. I love seeing the snackle box out in the wild and saving your vacations. :)