You are going to loved this Travel Themed Easter Basket idea! We are in full travel season right now, but we always make time for Easter, one of our favorite holidays! We will make it easy on ourselves this year and create a Easter basket that has all of our travel essentials. Everything from helpful electronic gadgets to fun fidgets, we are going to set the girls up for some fun travels ahead!

Travel Themed Easter Basket

Packing Cubes

packing cubes

I am all about packing cubes. I managed to spend an entire month with my family of 5 and only brought a backpack each. Now that is some organized packing.  I cannot suggest enough, that if you are planning on traveling a lot to invest in a set of packing cubes. They will change your packing game forever. I found my set of 8 pieces from Amazon for $24.99.

Digital Camera

digital camera

If you’re looking for the perfect camera for your adventures, look no further. The sony digital camera for content creators has a flip screen, built in microphone, and a 4k touch screen display screen.

The flip screen also tilts up and down for easier access to take the perfect vacation selfie.  The camera can switch between modes at ease, allowing you to go between focusing on faces and background.  The automatic exposure will track faces, making sure they always appear well-lit.

We love bringing this camera on all of our adventures. It is small and super lightweight, it doesn’t take up much room in our already tight bags.

Vacuum Bags

vacuum bags

Another great travel product from Amazon I have come across are some great space saving bags that do not require a vacuum or a pump. They cost $15.97 for 8 bags, and you simply put your items in the back, seal it up, and roll. They come in many different sizes, perfect for all your packing needs! You could even pack an extra empty one if you plan on doing some shopping on your vacation.

Inflatable Pillow

inflatable pillow

Let’s be honest, sometimes traveling can be uncomfortable. Falling asleep in the car or an airplane and you wake up with a crick in your neck. We’ve all been there. Using a u shaped neck pillow will help stop that problem. The best part about this Amazon product is that it is inflatable. You know what that means… more room in your bag when you’re not using it. This travel pillow comes with a handy carrying case, and a washable case and comes in 4 different colors for $10.99. It even comes with fun animal options for the kids.

Portable Coffee Maker

If you’re anything like me, I won’t make it long if I don’t start my day with some coffee. This portable travel coffee press makes delicious coffee, espresso, and cold brew in 1 minute. When not used it can collapse to a cup smaller than the palm of your hand. This travel coffee press makes 1-3 cups per press and leaves no nasty grit in your cup. It is portable and versatile and a must if you think you’ll be traveling where a traditional coffee maker isn’t an option.

Ear Pods

These beats pro noise canceling headphones are flexible, secure, and comfortable for all day wear. Long travel days are a lot more relaxing when I have these in my ear. They are water, and seat resistant. The high quality of these noise canceling headphones make your movie watching experience, or your music so much more enjoyable.

The headphones come with 3 different sized ear bud covers. You will also get a matching charging case, and cable to be plugged in to charge. The ear pods have a total charge time of 30 hours, and are compatible with Apple and Android.

Phone Mount

The travel phone mount is the most adaptable phone holder. It can attach to a table, luggage handle, gym equipment or even the plane seat in front of you. :)  It rotates 360 degrees and can hold phones of many sizes. This has come in so handy while traveling.

Accessory Case

I love a good accessory. But packing them can prove to be difficult. I’ve found a few great options from Amazon to help me keep those little pieces organized. These great travel products range in style and price from $12.99 to $19.99. They have pockets to hold rings, necklaces, and earrings, and it folds up into a nice compact handbag, which means more room in your bag.

Traveling Power Bank

When traveling I use my phone a ton. Whether it’s using maps for directions in a new place, or taking tons of pictures while sightseeing, my battery can drain pretty fast. I rely on my phone so much during our trips, so it’s super important for me to have a reliable power bank. I like this one because this portable power bank is one of the lightest power banks on the market, perfect for packing light. :)  It also has a charging port for 2 different devices.

This device protects your electronics from being overcharged, but will adapt to your device and ensure you’re getting the fastest most efficient charge. And one of the best parts is its size, because it is so small and light, especially for how powerful it is.

Travel Wallet

Organized travel is so important to me. And that starts with a special travel wallet. You always seem to need more cards, and things when traveling. This wallet has room for your passport, boarding pass, vaccination card, and still has room for your ID and all your credit/debit cards. The best part about this wallet is that it has RFID blocking shield protection. It helps protect the personal information kept inside.

Portable Electronic Charger 

The compact portable charger has saved my devices on more than one occasion. Sometimes the travel days are long, and with this charger being compatible with iphone, android, airpods, and so much more, I never have to worry that our phones are going to die.

When we go on vacation we aren’t tied to our hotel room, we like to get out and explore. And capture the memories to look at later. This portable charger may not be able to hold as long of a charge as a power bank, but it is small enough to fit in your pocket. And when you’re traveling light, the size of items you bring matters.

Toiletry Bottles

Flying with a container of liquid isn’t always super simple. You need to follow certain guidelines, and requirements for the amount and size of your bottle. I have found these super awesome and convenient, collapsible traveling bottles. They squish down super small, so they take up almost no room at all when not being used. They only hold the amount allowed to fly. A must have if you’re traveling by airplane.

Electronics Organzier

Traveling with your electronics can be so unorganized and hectic. Oftentimes when you’re flying you need to remove all electronic devices from your bag while going through security. You panic, where is everything at, do you need to unpack? No you do not. I have found the most perfect electronic organizer for traveling. It has elastic loops to hold your chargers and mouse. It also has large mesh pockets to hold all of the devices you need to bring. All while having a water resistant cover, and a dual easy access zipper.

Leak Locks

I know this has happened to me before, what about you? After all the planning, packing, oh and that long day of traveling. You get there, and your shampoo has leaked all over the place. Hello vacation laundry. These leak locks stop all that worry. This stretchy elastic sleeve slips right over the cap of your bottle and stops them from leaking all over the place. And it comes in a 4 pack!

Airplane pockets

Slip your Airplane Pocket over your tray table and have a clean surface to eat and work on. No more having to worry about the cleanliness of the passenger before you, you now have a brand-new tray table, and 4 clean pockets to store your personal items in during your flight!


Airfly has been a lifesaver when traveling on more than one occasion. This wireless airpod adaptor allows you to transmit audio from in flight entertainment. It allows you to connect to your airpods for no wired headphone stress. The battery life on this thing is impressive. It can last for 16+ hours. Airfly will also work while charging which is perfect!

Easter Travel Mode

Hope this post was helpful to get your creative juices flowing for themed basket ideas. It really helps to get in the mode and also beneficial to prepare for a particular trip that’s quickly approaching.

If you enjoyed seeing my reviews on these products take a peek at my Amazon Storefront. I have shared a few more items over there, and have posted a video of some of the items as well.

Or maybe you liked the idea of packing cubes and were really interested in how I packed for my entire family for a month-long vacation.

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