We’ve taken 22 adventures this year and it’s so hard to believe that we actually made it happen. Every adventure we take, we hope to make amazing memories that last a lifetime. To help us to hang on to those memories, we like to take something home from each destination. When you’re packing light, using only a backpack each, your space is extremely limited. When we’re choosing the souvenirs we have to consider the size. We often choose things that can pack well and take up minimal space. This year I came up with the idea to collect travel themed ornaments from the places that we visited. Check out some of the

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travel themed ornaments

The Travelers Christmas Ornaments 

Being able to bring some favorite memories from our travels to the Christmas tree makes me feel so happy. Christmas is such a magical time, and we always try to make the most of our travels. Once we decided on vacation Christmas ornaments. We knew we would have to make one of our trees, a travel themed Christmas tree. These also make the perfect gift for family or friends.

Suitcase ornament

The suitcase is such an iconic travel item. When you think of traveling, you think of this cute suitcase. Or maybe these travel luggage ornaments.

I wonder if I could find a backpack ornament. :)


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Passport ornament

The passport is another item that comes to mind when you think of traveling. I know we use ours so much. This passport and boarding pass ornament is so realistic, I love it!

Globe ornament

What better ornament to represent your worldly travels than a globe ornament.

NYC bunny ornament

This traveling bunny is just the cutest. It is ready for a busy day of exploring the Big Apple.

Empire State Building ornament

The Empire state building is such a huge part of New York. If you’re looking for something to remember your vacation, this is just the ornament to do that.

New York cab ornament

Those New York yellow cabs are such a symbolic part of being in the city. Chances are if you’ve visited, you’ve either rode in, or seen about a hundred of them.

London mouse ornament

This london mouse is ready to explore the shops and visit big ben.

London phone box ornament

Just like the cabs are to New York, classic phone boxes are the symbolic item to London. Even if there are no phones left in them, you want to step into the phone box. If just for the experience

Eiffel tower ornament

Oh this beautiful beautiful memory! I think my girls fell in love with Paris as soon as their eyes saw this majestic tower. So to be able to remember this wonderful moment over and over again.

Lemon ornament

When visiting Positano Italy the lemons were everywhere. On the trees, in our food, and even just as decoration. Seeing these lemons again is giving some huge Positano vacation vibes.

San Francisco cable car ornament

When visiting the hilly city of San Francisco, you will see these cable cars all over town. I hope you get the chance to ride one. It is a fun experience, and this is a great way to remember it.

I hope you enjoyed this simple and fun way to remember your amazing adventures. You don’t need big souvenirs to relive your experience. It’s sure to make your Christmas feel more magical.

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Or maybe you need some Christmas jammies in your life. No one was ever lacking Christmas spirit in some cute fuzzy Jammies.

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