There you are, standing in the aisle, or looking online, looking at the same old baskets like every other year. You have no idea what to do. You don’t want to do those old school wicker baskets that the kids break and you throw away in a week. Let’s mix it up, do something fun, new and unique. But what?

I have spent so much time thinking about exciting new things to use both as an Easter basket and put in the Easter basket. I don’t want anyone else to have to worry about this, so I made a list for you. Keep reading so I can tell you about ways to make unique Easter Baskets.

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Outside fun Easter Basket 

Whether it’s playing in the pool, or playing in the mud, my girls love spending time playing outside. So why not encourage them to do so. I have so many cute ideas for fun stuff the kids can play with outside.

Basket Ideas for outside play

Easter basket for little girls

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Filler ideas for an outside Easter Basket 

Easter Basket Ideas for little helpers

No matter what we are doing, there is always a little helper right behind us wanting to do what we’re doing. They will get so excited when they see that they now have their own tools to help mom and dad out! 

  • Tools like dad. This one is fun! For the Easter basket you can use a tools box. Than fill it with fun kid sized tools and maybe a few of their favorite candies as well. 
  • Gardening basket. This one is the cutest. You could use a watering can, or a gardening bag as the Easter basket. Fill it with fun little gardening tools, and maybe a little bit of candy as well. 
  • Little baker/chef. My girls love to help out in the kitchen so I really enjoyed this one. You could choose to use a big bowl as the basket, and fill it with measuring cups, and spoons,  whisks and spatulas. Maybe even a few fun ingredients to make a fun easter breakfast. 

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Umbrella Easter Basket idea

Andrea @stayathomecircus uses an adorable umbrella as her Easter Basket for her son. What a great idea. California has had some rainy days so this Easter Basket idea is not only cute but super useful. Check out more of Andrea’s Easter ideas on Instagram.

Easter Basket ideas for babies/toddlers 

As if shopping for a special Easter basket weren’t hard enough. Babies are never easy to shop for. They don’t have wants but they have needs. And I have found some great ideas for some basket fillers.

  • Pacifier clip. You know were always loosing the pacifiers. And they make so many cute little clips now! 
  • Stuffie. My girls loved these. They come in so many different animals, even some super cute Easter bunny, or chick ones! 
  • Plate/silverware. Toddlers love to feed themselves. And using their own silverware is so much fun for them. 
  • Cups. You really can never have to many cups. For drinking or cups for carrying snack too.
  • Clothes/hats/shoes. Baby clothes are the cutest, and they grow so fast it’s hard to keep up. Finding some cute Easter clothes should be super easy.
  • Learning/teething toys. Babies and toddlers put everything in their mouth. Why not get them something that will feel great on those growing teeth. Or something that is going to help grow their brain as well. 

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Unique Easter basket ideas for an older kid

Older kids can be almost impossible to shop for. No one wants to toss a giftcard in a basket with some grass and candy and call it good. But what are they into? What do they want? I have a few great, creative ideas for the older kids. 

  • Video game themed. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to buy them video games or gift cards for their video games. You can still be creative and make this fun. Find items that are in this game, drinks, snacks, toys, and make new Easter labels for them!
  •  Self-care basket. This may be geared towards an older girl, but that’s what I know.. girls! :) You could toss in some fun smelly lotions, face masks, bath bombs or nail polish. All of this can come in fun Easter themes as well. It’s all up to your imagination.
  •  Movie night. Use a big popcorn bucket as your well… bucket. Toss in some snacks and a drink. Then you can either put a movie in here, or an itunes or amazon gift card so they can pick out their own movie. 

 Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for older kids.

Fruit themed Easter Basket

Kelsey of Klos + Co came up with the most unique Easter Basket idea I have seen yet. I love how fun and colorful this unique Easter Basket idea is. She wanted her girls to each have a unique basket so she picked an individual fruit for each of them. Kelsey has the cutest ideas so be sure to tell her hi over on Instagram.

Edible Easter Basket

This is something I’ve always wanted to try but never made it happen. It’s so simple and unique and fun!

You simply take 4 or 5 boxes of candy to use as the “Easter Basket” and glue or tabe them together. You can choose to either use that 5th box for the bottom or put it on come construction paper. You than need something long, like a laffy taffy, nerds roap, or pez dispensers and attach them to the top of the “basket” for a “handle”. 

And VOILA. You have a Edible unique Easter basket. 

Extra Ideas for a unique Easter basket 

A few ideas that didn’t make the cut but are still super cute ideas that I know would put a huge smile on your kids face Easter morning.

  •  Toy Truck. Use the dump truck bucket as the basket! 
  •  Umbrella. Hang this upside down and use it as your basket. See the example @Stayathomecircus
  •  Beach. Beach bucket as your Easter basket, and put some sand toys and a towel in. 
  •  Sports. Use your favorite sports team hat, or a baseball mit as the basket. 
  •  Wagon. Obviously the wagon would be the basket. Fill it with other fun outside stuff. 
  •  Pool. You could choose to set the pool up before Easter morning and fill it with fun swimming toys. 


I truly hope that this post has helped inspire you to put together a special and fun unique Easter basket. I just know that whatever you put together your kids will love it.


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If you used these ideas to build your uniquely fun Easter basket, post it in the comments below. I love to see what you guys come up with.  You can also post it on TikTok or Instagram and tag me in it. It makes me so happy to see what I helped you all create.


Have a Happy Easter! :)