I am so excited to partner with Jane.com to bring you these ideas for unique Fathers Day gifts. I love sharing amazing brands with you that I know you will love and trust me when I say that sponsored content will never get in the way of me sharing my honest opinions with you. To learn more about my disclosures and all that fancy legal stuff click HERE.

My husband is celebrating his 6th Fathers Day this year. I feel like he has received it all; hand print crafts, cheesy neck ties, and all the tools you could imagine. If choosing unique Fathers Day gifts is hard now I can’t even imagine what it will be like in ten years. This year I really started to think outside the box. I wanted to give him gifts (ok they are technically from the kids but I am the one doing the shopping) that he would cherish and actually use.

I turned to my favorite shopping site Jane.com as my one stop shop. Jane.com has everything from women’s clothes to housewares and now a new men’s section. This Men’s section made it so easy to shop for my husband. I was able to search and scroll through all the mens items and I was really surprised by the unique selection.


I was able to find the cutest items and they were at such a deep discount. My husbands not only happy for the gifts but also that I spent less money.


Here is what I picked:

1. Men’s woven button up – these are the best kind of shirts. He can wear them to work or with shorts. For our warm Florida summers these are my husbands favorite. I was so shocked by the amazing quality considering the inexpensive price.

2. Silicone wedding rings – my husband hasn’t been wearing his wedding rings lately. With all the demands of parenthood it just isn’t comfortable anymore. From swimming with the girls to doing projects around the house, these rings make it so much easier and more comfortable. Now he doesn’t want to take them off.

3. Poster – when I saw this print on Jane.com I knew it was the perfect fit. Raising young children is a hard and beautiful season and  it also moves at lightning speed. My husband and I had a little vent session a few nights ago about how we will miss these hectic days when our little girls are older. When I saw this print I knew it would mean so much to this loving daddy and remind him of the beautiful chapter ahead of us.


Here are simple ideas you can make around the house:

1. Make your own potted bouquet – the kids loved making this because toddlers love playing with dirt and getting dirty. This is a gift your husband can look at and appreciate for quite some time. If your husband is a green thumb like mine is he is sure to love it.

2. Pictures – who doesn’t like pictures? Pick up your own wooden letters spelling D A D. Let your kids be as silly as they want for the cutest picture ever.

3. Clay sculptures – I am all about the experience instead of the finished product. I have a great salted dough recipe that your children can make. Once dry let them decorate it any way they want. Yes you might be left with a giant rainbow rock but trust me ten years from now you are going to cherish that rock like gold because without prompt it shows your child’s true imagination.


I hope this list sparks some ideas for you. Do you have any unique Fathers Day gifts ideas? Leave them in the comments below.


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