As travel lovers ourselves, we do a lot of traveling and know all the ins and outs! After all the adventures we’ve been on, we know just the right unique gift ideas for people who love to travel.

From practical items to thoughtful gestures, whether they are jet-setting across the globe or exploring closer to home, these gifts are sure to make their journeys even more memorable. So read on and get ready to impress your travel-loving friends and family with these perfect presents. 

Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

1. Landmark Candle

landmark candles - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

These With the Blinks and Candlehouse collaboration candles are perfect for inspiring travel! Learn more about our collaboration with Candlehouse here.

2. Scratch-off Travel Map

scratch off travel map

This is a great gift for the couple who is getting ready to start their travels together or a young adult who is setting out on adventures. Get the travel map here.

3. Travel-inspired jewelry

travel jewelry

Ladies who love travel will love this world traveler bracelet. Get the bracelet here.

4. Personalized passport cover

personalized passport cover

For anyone who travels internationally, a personalized passport cover is a great ida. Not only does it look so cute, but it also protects your passport from damage. Get the passport cover here.

5. Travel Cable Organizer

cable organizer - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This leather organizer is the perfect way to travel in style with all of your technology accessories. This is great for both men and women. Get the cable organizer here.

6. Destination Custom Candle

destination candle

These candles are so much fun! It’s one of my favorites from our collaboration with Candlehouse! As you visit places on the map, you color them in, until the whole map is colored! Get the custom candle here.

7. Packing cubes

packing cubes - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Packing cubes are an absolute must have for longer trips where you need to pack more clothes but want to keep luggage at a minimum. Get the packing cubes here.

8. Travel-sized toiletry kit

travel sized toiletry kit

This is one of those things that everyone needs for travel but might not realize they need it. You can make do without it, but once you have it you’ll love it! Get the toiletry kit here.

9. Customized travel journal

customized travel journal

When you’re traveling a lot, keeping a journal of your daily experiences is a great way to keep those memories fresh. Get the travel journal here.

10. Digital luggage scale

digital luggage scale

A luggage scale can be a lifesaver if you tend to overpack or if you’re trying to squeeze a long trip’s clothing into one bag. With a luggage scale you don’t have to worry about getting to the airport and have to pay a huge fee or unload some of your stuff! Get the luggage scale here.

11. Portable phone charger

portable phone charger - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

A portable phone charge saves the day over and over one long trips! Having more than one on hand is even better! Get the portable phone charger here.

12. Foldable travel backpack

foldable travel backpack

Having a foldable backpack that can be tucked away in your luggage and brought out for your daily adventures on your trip is so convenient! Get the travel backpack here.

13. Customized photo album 

customized photo album

The memories made traveling are some of the most treasured memories in life. Customizing a photo album for a loved one’s big trip will be a special reminder of those memories forever. Get the customized photo album here.

14. Trip Announcement Custom Candle

trip announcement candle

These candles are so much fun for trip announcements with family members and friends! Get the candle here.

15. Personalized Wooden Luggage Tag Travel Christmas Decoration

wooden luggage tag christmas decoration

These cute personalized Christmas ornaments are perfect for travel lovers because we love things that bring up memories of our favorite trips! Get the ornament here.

16. Travel-themed coffee table book

travel themed coffee table books - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

These are perfect for the travel lover who is into home decor. Find destinations they have been to in the past or want to go to in the future for some travel inspiration. Get the book here.

17. Where I’ve Been Map Vinyl Sticker

where i've been map sticker

If you’re looking for a smaller gift that is still special and says you know your travel loving friend, this sticker is so much fun! Get the vinyl sticker here.

18. Travel-themed wall art

travel themed wall art

These modern city maps are the perfect wall decor gifts for the travel lover. Choose the travel lover’s three favorite destinations for them to showcase in their homes. Get the wall art here.

19. Portable travel pillow 

inflatable neck pillow

A travel pillow is essential for long trips, especially international flights! This pillow is the best because it’s inflatable and can be deflated and tucked back in it’s travel bag so it doesn’t take up too much space. Get the portable travel pillow here.

20. Travel-sized board games

travel size board games - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This tiny games are perfect for travel with kids in the car or on a flight, especially because they’re magnetic! Get the travel sized board games here.

21. Foldable travel slippers

foldable travel slippers

Travel slippers are so awesome to have in hotels rooms or rentals to make yourself extra comfy. These foldable slippers are perfect to tossing right back in your bag before heading to your next destination. Get the travel slippers here.

22. Destination-inspired cookbook

travel inspired cookbook - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

No matter the destination, you can find the perfect cookbook to either inspire their travels or remember all the great food they enjoyed on their trip. Get the cookbook here.

23. Waterproof phone case

waterproof phone case

If you want to give a practical gift that your travel loving friend will get a lot of use out of, a waterproof phone case is perfect. It’s one of those things that a lot of people might not think about it until it’s too late. Get the phone case here.

24. Packing checklist notepad

travel packing check list - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

It’s easy to forget things when you’re packing for a big trip. There are so many little things you’ll need, especially when traveling with kids. A packing checklist notepad is a handy gift that any travel lover with appreciate. Get the packing checklist notepad here.

25. Travel Lover’s Custom Candle

travel lovers candle

This is such a fun way to celebrate the travels of your travel loving friends and family! This candle is perfect for remembering past trips. Get this custom candle here.

26. Trendy travel tote

trendy travel tote

For the traveling woman who loves a good tote bag, this one will be well received! Tote bags are perfect for travel and tossing all those last minute items in as you head out for your trip! Get the travel tote here.

27. Collapsible water bottle

collapsible water bottle - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Reusable water bottles are a clutch item for travel, especially international travel. Not only does it save you money, but it can also be a good way to make sure you have clean drinking water with you at all time. Get the collapsible water bottle here.

28. Travel-sized language translator

travel size language translator

A language translator is such a great tool for international travel. Even if it’s only used in case of emergencies, it’s a great item for travelers to keep with them. Get the language translator here.

29. Mini travel sewing kit

travel size sewing kit

Little things like this are perfect for tossing in a travel gift basket or bag for your travel loving friend. Useful gifts like this are great items to receive! Get the mini travel sewing kit here.

30. Pocket Bear Travel Gift

pocket bear travel gift - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This adorable travel bear is the perfect gift for the friend or loved getting ready to embark on their first big trip. Send a little bit of you with them with this special gift. Get the pocket bear travel gift here.

31. Men’s Personalized Leather Watch Roll Case

mens leather watch roll case

Men need a travel case for their valuables too! This watch roll case is classy and perfect for travel! Get the travel case here.

32. Noise canceling head phones

noice canceling headphones - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Flights, buses, and long car rides can be made a lot more comfortable with noise canceling head phones! These are also great for kids to be distracted during travel. Get the noise-cancelling headphones here.

33. Travel adapter

travel adapter

In the US we use a different voltage of electricity than a large majority of the world’s countries. This must have travel item is a great gift to give that first time traveler before they head out of the country. Get the travel adapter here.

34. Travel-sized first aid kit

travel size first aid kit - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This is another great small and useful gift that travel lovers are always happy they had with them when they least expected it. Get the first aid kit here.

35. Smart luggage

smart luggage

Smart luggage offers the option to charge devices while traveling while reducing the number of things that have to be carried around. Great for convenience during travel! Get the smart luggage here.

36. Personalized Shadow Box

personalized shadow box

Add your travel lover’s favorite destination to the shadowbox and they can say their ticket stubs, souvenirs, and all the memorable items they love to display in their home. Get the shadow box here.

37. Compact travel umbrella 

travel size umbrella - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

A tiny little travel umbrella can really save the day! This compact umbrella tucks away easily in your backpack or carryon and perfect for any traveler. Get the compact travel umbrella here.

38. Twelve South AirFly Pro

twelve south air fly pro

It’s always a bummer when you’re on a long flight and you realize your can’t watch the in flight movie because your headphones aren’t compatible. This adapter is a great gift for a travel lover! Get the adapter here.

39. Customized luggage tags 

customized luggage tags

These luggage tags are a perfect travel gift for men. They’re sleek and stylish and also super practical. Get the luggage tags here.

40. Selvim 4-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

Selvim 4-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

Almost all of the amazing photos we have from our travels have been taken on a phone. This is a really cool accessory that can help enhance your photos! Get the lens kit here.

41. Polaroid camera

polaroid camera - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Who doesn’t love a polaroid picture? This is a fun gift for travelers to create a scrapbook of their favorite memories from their trip! Get the polaroid camera here.

42. Birdie personal safety alarm

birdie personal alarm - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Give the gift of safety to your travel loving friend or family member! This is a great tool for them easily carry with them wherever their adventure takes them. Get the personal safety alarm here.

43. Toothbrush Sanitizer

toothbrush sanitizer

This cool gadget is perfect to travel with so you can keep your toothbrush clean and ready to go! Get the toothbrush sanitizer here.

44. Adventure-inspired t-shirt 

adventure inspired tshirt - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

For the adventure and travel loving fashionista, this t-shirt is a super fun gift! Get the t-shirt here.

45. Travel-themed coasters

travel themed coasters - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Home decor meets a love for travel, these coasters are a perfect unique gift for your adventure seeking friends! Get the coasters here.

46. RFID-Blocking Wallet

rfid blocking wallet

You can never be too careful when you’re traveling! Gifting this RFID blocking wallet will help keep your travel-loving friends safe on their adventures. Get the wallet here.

47. Jet lag mask

jet lag mask - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Jet lag is a real struggle! This mask will help make a traveler feel like themself again and freshen up to keep exploring. Get the mask here.

48. Novelty Travel Socks

novelty travel socks

For that fun loving, travel loving, funny man in your life, these socks will bring a smile to their face! Get the socks here.

49. Compact travel camera 

compact travel camera

An actual camera to document adventures is great, but making it fit when you’re trying to keep your luggage weight down can be tough. This compact camera can be a great gift! Get the camera here.

50. Travel-inspired doormat

travel inspired doormat - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This fun gift will put a smile on the face of any person who spend most of their time on the road or in the air to their next destination. Get the mat here.

51. Personalized luggage strap 

customized luggage straps

Luggage straps are a godsend to keep your luggage secure and make it easily recognizable. Personalize a strap with your friend’s name or a fun saying! Get the luggage strap here.

52. Jet lag relief essential oil set

jet lag oil - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This gift can help travel loving people ease into their adventures and overcome jet lag so they can have the best time! Get the essential oil set here.

53. Travel jewelry case

For the travel loving lady in your life, this travel jewelry case is the perfect thoughtful and practical gift. It can even be personalized! Get the travel jewelry case here.

54. Urban Map Glasses

urban map glasses

This classy travel inspired gift won’t be stuffed into the back of a cabinet and only brought out when you visit. Your travel loving friend will love to use and display these! Get the glasses here.

55. Smart luggage tag

smart luggage tag

Losing your luggage is the worst, especially on long trips! A smart luggage tag can help you track it down quickly and easily. Get the smart luggage tag here.

56. GoPro action camera

go pro - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Action cameras are so much fun on a big adventurous trip where there are lots of outdoor excursions. This gift wold make any traveler happy! Get the GoPro here.

57. Anywhere Travel Guide 

anywhere travel guide - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Help your travel loving friends have even more fun on their adventures. These cards help you discover even more no matter where you go. Get the Anywhere Travel Guide here.

58. Portable Baby Wipes Dispenser Holder

portable wipes

Even if you don’t have kids, you can always use hand wipes, especially when traveling. These can clip onto a tote or backpack for convenience. Get the wipes dispenser holder here.

59. Personalized Travel Adventures Map Print

personalized travel adventure map

Do you know your travel loving friend or family member’s favorite adventure so far? Have a personalized travel adventures map made for them that they’ll be proud to display. Get the print here.

60. Travel Essential Hands-Free Luggage Cup Holder

luggage cup holder

This item is a huge added convenience for airports! This would be a very helpful gift for travelers with kids or multiple carryons! Get the cup holder here.

61. Travel Essential Airplane Phone Mount

airplane phone mount - Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

This portable phone mount is perfect for watching movies on your phone on an airplane! Even better for entertaining kids during a long flight. Get the phone mount here.

62. Traveler Keychain

traveler kay chain

This keychain is such a fun way to help your travel loving friend or family member commemorate their adventures! It’s the gift that keeps on giving because they can continue to add to it with every trip. Get the keychain here.

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