If your kids are like mine, they pull out all of their games and toys at the same time to determine which they will play with that moment. It’s precious to see them excited about the ones they haven’t used in a while and refreshing to watch their imaginations go wild. What is not precious or refreshing, is the process of reorganizing the room and coming up with ways to playfully get them to help! I’ve found that the key to keeping things tidy and promoting organized selection in my home, is the right storage containers. And if I’m in charge of choosing those storage containers, you better believe they are going to be esthetically pleasing! Here are some of my favorite and unique toy storage ideas.

Unique Toy Storage Ideas

When thinking about what storage items and how they will fit into the room, I have to implement some trial and error. Don’t be scared to pick up certain items that catch your eye if they also perform a functional duty, you will use it. Think about the space, think about what will be easily accessible for your own children, and make sure that the items are durable as well as adorable.

Sterilite 6-Qt. Storage Box

This storage box size is great for smaller toy collections and miniature figurines and the price is perfect. Grab lots of these. We use these for our toy rotation and keep them stored on our shelf for easy access.

These baskets are very attractive in any room and are perfect for stuffed animals and dolls.  Makes clean up fun when everyone can toss the animals in for points!

Plastic Mesh Zipper Pouch

We use these pouches to consolidate board games and cards, plus they are great for taking on trips.

Embossing Label Maker

My girls have so much fun labeling their bins and containers for easy access and personalization.

Coiled Rope Basket 

Very pretty to have on shelves, on the floor or in cubbies and serve well for blocks and other stacking toys.

LEGO Brick Drawer

Obviously for the Lego enthusiasts, but also easy to identify at clean up time. Holds quite a few pieces.

Rattan Cane 3 Tier Tower

A beautiful addition to the playroom decor and such great storage for play foods or puppets. Can also act as an art cart.

Plastic Storage Bin w/ Handles

We really enjoy using these bins to house our homeschool manipulatives and flashcards. Easy to carry to other rooms too.

Acrylic Floating Wall Ledge

Great way to display books, calendars, and artwork throughout the room or above desks.

Large Divided Case

Best storage for little figures and small toys and dolls with lots of small items. Perfect for Barbie clothes, shoes, and accessories.

White Storage Box with Tray

These boxes are perfect for sensory bins or craft storage, as the trays on top can house tools and small pieces. My oldest daughter keeps her bracelet making and weaving kits in these with the loom and needles on the tray.

Wheeled Storage Box

if there are toys and games that are not used as often as others, these are great to store under the kids beds for easy access.

Rattan Open Weave Basket

Awesome for decoration and storage, especially for large stuffed animals and imaginative dress-up clothes.

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