Valentine’s Day is all about love and there is no shortage of books on that topic. I have rounded up some of my favorite holiday books for toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged children. I’ve also included a section about books that can spark a discussion about our emotions and how to manage them. Hope this list helps you find some of your favorite Valentine’s Day books for kids.

Valentine's Day Books for Toddlers - Board books for babies - valentine's day board books

Valentine’s Day Book for Toddlers

This section is filled with Valentine’s Day Board books and simple storylines your toddlers will love. Even though this is a list for toddlers, my preschooler and elementary-aged girls love these sweet books so don’t shy away from adding these to bookshelves for all ages.

Love is a Tutu

Wonderful little board book with technical ballet terms. If you have a little ballerina at home they are going to love to read about all the things they love about ballet.

Love is  a Truck

Very cute board book about a playful way to look at Love. Even though I have 3 girls I want to make sure I provide them with diverse options of interests. Girls like trucks too!

Follow My Heart

Interactive finger maze board book. This book helps promote fine motor skills and early writing techniques while they trace. Plus there is a Valentine’s Day hide and seek aspect to it which makes this book really interactive.

Happy Heart

Adorable heart-shaped board book with lots of sparkle. I love that this book is in the share of a heart.

Tiny T Rex and The Perfect Valentine

Another great board book about a tiny lovable T-Rex that is full of Love. This is the perfect Valentine’s Day book for toddlers who love dinosaurs.

Huggy Kissy

Little board book about the cutest one-haired baby ever. Bright colors and simple text make this a book even babies will love.

Counting Kisses

Such a warm and loving book full of kisses and counting. We have owned this book for over 6 years and it was always a favorite to read with our daughters. As you count down from 10 family members give kisses to the baby. We would follow along and give kisses and our girls loved that. This is definitely a favorite for little ones.

Guess How Much I love you

Sweet little book about how much the papa and baby hare love each other. This is a staple for every book shelf and its even one we leave out all year long since its not necessarily Valentine’s Day specific.

I love you through and through

This is one of our favorite books about the depth of loving. What makes it really fun is half way through the book you can flip it over and read it a different way.

I heart you

Rhyming board book that celebrates love and written like a poem from the parent’s perspective. Try reading this one without crying, I dare you.

Plant a Kiss

Such a cute book that tells the story of sharing through kisses.

Hug Machine

One of the funniest board books we have about an adorable little hugging machine.

Little Hugs From Little Loves

Really cute picture book celebrating hugs and spreading love.

L is for Love

ABC book on Love and Friendship. Your kids will absolutely LOVE this one.

Little Love

Little one is showered with love and kisses to become love herself.

Bunny Roo, I love You

Precious little board book about the soothe and comfort of a mother’s love.

I’ll Hug You More

Very cool flip-side book about getting lots of hugs.

How Do You Say I Love You?

Heartwarming book on saying I Love You in 10 different languages.

Love Can Come in Many Ways

A smart little book on the diversity of how we all show love.

Valentines day books for kids - valentine reading

Valentines’s Day Picture Books

These Valentine’s Day books are for preschoolers up to elementary-aged readers. They could be used for toddlers too! I opted to create two separate categories for my Valentine’s Day book picks this year because I get asked a lot: “Will my 2-year-old like this?” “Will my 8-year-old like this?” It’s hard to say. I hope my descriptions can help you find books that your little ones fall in love with. I’m sure you will find something that both you and your children can enjoy reading together.

Bagel In Love

Very funny story about a bagel looking for love.

Hands Say Love

Charming book about the hands in our lives that show us love.

Henry in Love

A story about Henry’s lovable dreamer.

I Love You Too

Ziggy Marley’s tribute to his song on togetherness and love.

I’ll Love you Till The Cows Come Home

Super cute and funny book on how love that knows no bounds.

Love From The Crayons

Follow up to the Day the Crayons Quit, about their shades of love.

Love Is

Heartwarming story of a little girl and a duckling that learn to care for one another.

Love is My Favorite Thing 

Plum has lots of favorite things, but LOVE is her absolute favorite thing.

The Love Letter

Endearing picture book about ow a little bit of heart goes a long way to making the world a better place.

Love Monster

Love Monster sets out to find someone who will love him just the way he is.

Love, Z

When a small robot goes on an adventure to find love.

Mirabel’s Missing Valentines

Wonderful tale of overcoming insecurity will make its way to the hearts of all young readers.

The Pink Umbrella

This book celebrates thoughtful and acts of friendship.

Robot In Love

Looking for Love, this friendly little robot finds it in a funny way.

This is Not a Valentine

A testament to handmade, wacky, bashful, honest love

A Hug is For Holding Me

Sweet little book about love that invites children to engage with a natural world.

valentines day picture books

What I Love About You

Sweet and funny “I Love You” picture book about everything a parent loves about his or her child.

You Know what I love

This doll’s tender tribute to her little girl.

The Day it Rained Hearts

One day it rains hearts, and this little girl finds they are perfect for making valentines.

Somebody loves you Mr. Hatch

The effects of love when you connect with those sometimes overlooked.

Part of my Heart

Tells a child about how much they are loved.

Lola Dutch I love you so much

This little cutie knows just what to do to make her friends feel better

I need a Hug

A story about a little guy that needs a hug and finds that special friend to help.

How Do I Love Thee?

Three children share the love and joy of friendship while exploring the wonders of nature.

Crocodiles Need Kisses too

Rhyming book about cute animals and lots of kisses.

I heart you

Another rhyming book about the celebration of love.

Valentine’s Day Books That Teach Social Emotional Intelligence

The Invisible String

Perfect for children coping with anxiety, loss, and grief.

In My heart

Beautifully crafted book that journeys through all of the feelings in one’s heart.

Words and your Heart

About your heart and how the words we hear affect how it feels.

The Valentine Bears

Hard to celebrate valentines during hibernation, not this year.

Dear Girl

A love letter written to the special girl in your life.

Want a closer looks at some of my favorites? Watch this video!

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