Halloween is all about spooky home decor, festive costumes, and CANDY! My girls are probably most excited about trick or treating each year and as much as I try to pick non-candy alternatives, I still can’t avoid all of it. So that is when I learned about the Switch Witch. What is the switch Witch? Well she is a finactional character that takes your candy and trades it for a toy

Why we love the Switch Witch

A few years ago we had the Switch Witch come visit us. The kids leave their candy for the Switch Witch when they go to bed and in exchange, they get a present. It can be as big or as small as you want, I have done everything from coloring books to an inexpensive toy. We usually keep a basket next to their bedroom door with the poem. We read the little poem about the switch witch, and head to bed.

In the morning they are so excited they don’t even mention the candy again!

This is a great way to get all the extra candy out of their hands. I do let my girls keep a couple of pieces for special occasions but they willingly give it up for the special barbie they have been eyeing.

What to do with the leftover candy

So once we do the Switch Witch we will have all this leftover candy. I have to get it out of the house otherwise I will eat it. This year we have decided to donate our leftover candy to Treats for Troops. They will send all donated candy oversees to our men and women in service. I love this idea and I love that our candy could brighten a soldiers day.

Here are some organizations that will accept your leftover candy

Want to make it even more festive and get your kids excited about the Switch Witch?

Here is something I created to teach my girls about the switch witch and get them excited about it.

Switch Witch

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Do you practice the switch witch in your house? What other ways to you help moderate the amount of candy in your home?

let me know if the comments below.

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