Nothing quite compares to the beauty of the US Virgin Islands and the laidback island vibe that’s so infectious. We felt completely at home right away in St. Thomas, very welcomed by the locals, and safe to explore everything the island had to offer. Read along to see what to do in St. Thomas when you’re traveling with kids.

How to Travel to St. Thomas With Kids

There’s one main airport in St. Thomas and it can be very busy. Be prepared to deal with crowds and lines. 

  • Commercial Flights: The Cyril E. King Airport (STT) serves as the primary gateway to St. Thomas. Numerous airlines operate regular flights to and from major cities in the United States, including Miami, Atlanta, New York, and Charlotte.
  • Connecting Flights: If there are no direct flights available from your departure city, consider booking a connecting flight through a major hub such as Miami, Charlotte, or Atlanta. Airlines like American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue Airways offer connecting flights to St. Thomas.

St. Thomas Entry Requirements

  • U.S. citizens do not require a passport to travel to St. Thomas from the mainland United States. You just need a government-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license or state-issued ID.
  • Non-U.S. citizens must present a valid passport and, in some cases, a visa depending on their nationality. Check the entry requirements well in advance of your trip to ensure compliance with immigration regulations.

Transportation on the Island

When you get to the Cyril E. King Airport, you’ll find several transportation options to get around the island. These include rental cars, taxis, safari buses, and organized guided tour options. Renting a car gives you the flexibility to explore St. Thomas at your own pace, while taxis and safari buses provide convenient transportation for shorter distances. Keep in mind that driving in St. Thomas can be challenging due to narrow roads and steep terrain, so renting a car might not be the best option.

Where to Stay in St. Thomas with Kids

Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove

This is where we stayed on our visit to St. Thomas. Located near Charlotte Amalie, this resort features villa-style accommodations with kitchens and separate living areas. Kids will absolutely love the pools and activities organized by the resort.

Book your Stay at Frenchman’s Cove HERE

Secret Harbour Beach Resort

This beachfront resort offers spacious villas and condos perfect for families. Enjoy direct access to the beach, water sports, and on-site dining options.

Book your stay at Secret Harbour HERE

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

With its all-inclusive plan, this resort takes the stress out of meal planning. You and your family can enjoy beachfront accommodations, water sports, and nightly entertainment.

Book your stay at Bolongo Bay HERE

Sapphire Beach Resort

Situated on the east end of St. Thomas, this resort offers condo-style accommodations with stunning ocean views. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling to see the amazing aquatic life and beachside dining.

Book your stay at Sapphire Beach HERE

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

For a luxurious family getaway, consider The Ritz-Carlton resort offering spacious rooms, a kids’ club, and a variety of water activities. There is nothing quite compared to the customer service at The Ritz-Carlton!

Book your stay at the The Ritz-Carlton HERE

Things to See in St. Thomas with Kids

Coral World Ocean Park

Dive into the underwater world and interact with sea turtles, tropical fish, and other marine life. The park also features interactive exhibits and educational programs for kids.

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Magens Bay Beach

Spend a day at one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. With its calm waters and white sand, it’s the perfect spot for swimming and building sandcastles.

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Historic Sites in Charlotte Amalie

Explore Fort Christian, the second-oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere, and Government House to learn about the island’s rich history.

Get your Tour of Charlotte Amalie HERE

Paradise Point

Take a scenic tram ride to the top of Paradise Point for breathtaking views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor and the surrounding islands.

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Drake’s Seat

Drive up to this historic landmark for panoramic views of Magens Bay and the turquoise waters below.

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Things to Do with Kids in St. Thomas

Beach Day at Coki Beach

Let the kids splash in the crystal-clear waters and snorkel among colorful coral reefs at Coki Beach. Lounge in a beach chair and take in some of the best views you’ve ever seen.

Book a Coki Beach Snorkel Trip HERE

Water Sports at Red Hook

Head to Red Hook for snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding adventures. You can also catch a ferry to nearby St. John or the British Virgin Islands.

Book an excursion to Red Hook HERE

Explore Water Island

Take a short ferry ride to Water Island and spend the day at Honeymoon Beach. Rent a golf cart to explore the island or relax in beach chairs under the shade of palm trees.

Book a Sailing Tour HERE

Family Fun at Coral World Ocean Park

Dive into the sea with a Sea Trek Helmet Dive or feed the fish at the Underwater Observatory Tower. Kids will love the touch pool and sea lion encounter.

Book a Swim with the Dolphins HERE

Picnic at Lindquist Beach

Pack a picnic and spend the day at this secluded beach with calm waters and picnic tables shaded by palm trees.

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Where to Eat with Kids in St. Thomas

Magens Bay Beach Bar & Cafe

This laid-back beachfront eatery offers a casual atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. They offer a selection of Caribbean-inspired dishes, including fresh seafood, grilled specialties, tropical salads, and refreshing beverages. 

The Beach Bar at Sapphire Beach

Enjoy beachside dining with delicious burgers, tacos, and tropical drinks.

Margaritaville St. Thomas

Indulge in island-inspired dishes and signature cocktails at this lively restaurant overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor.

Off the Grid Food Truck Park

Sample a variety of local flavors from food trucks serving everything from barbecue to seafood.

Charlotte Amalie Restaurants

Explore Main Street and its surrounding streets for a variety of dining options, including coffee shops, seafood restaurants, and ice cream parlors.

Iggies Beach Bar & Grill

Located at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, this casual beachfront restaurant serves up burgers, wraps, and seafood with live music on select nights.

Glady’s Cafe

This chill little spot where you can grab awesome Caribbean-inspired food is super cozy, with Gladys herself dishing out smiles alongside your meal. They serve a variety of food like traditional jerk chicken to homemade cakes. It’s like stepping into a slice of island paradise right in the heart of downtown St. Thomas.

The Greenhouse Restaurant & Bar

The Greenhouse is laid-back, with a lush, green setting that’s perfect for a casual meal with kids. They serve up all sorts of delicious dishes, from seafood specialties to hearty burgers. Plus, their bar is stocked with all the good stuff for a refreshing cocktail.

Old Stone Farmhouse

The Old Stone Farmhouse has some major charm and a rustic vibe, with stone walls and cozy nooks. The food is top-notch and made with local ingredients. It’s perfect for a laid-back meal or a special occasion.


Havensite is where the cruise ships dock. There are lots of great restaurants and things to do here.

The Box Bar

Be sure to visit here at sunset if you can! The Box Bar is a really cool spot with dim lighting and a laid-back atmosphere. They’ve got all your favorite drinks lined up at the bar, from craft cocktails to ice-cold beer. They serve bar classics like wings and sliders.

Oceana Restaurant

This is a fantastic spot for seafood lovers. It has a laid-back atmosphere with stunning ocean views. They serve up all sorts of delicious dishes, from fresh grilled fish to flavorful shrimp, and an awesome selection of cocktails to wash it all down.

5 Day Itinerary in St. Thomas with Kids

Day 1

Once we got off the plane in St. Thomas, we rented a car and the first thing we did was drive to a restaurant called Salt and Vinegar. We ordered the Chicken Little sandwich, fish-n-chips, and truffle fries! From there we went to our hotel and explored the pool, beach, and the Kid’s Club.

Day 2

Do one of the many boating excursions to choose from. Try to go to the British Virgin Islands via ferry or private boat charter. Start at the Baths and finish at Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke Island then head back for pizza at Island Time Pub.

Day 3

Spend the day in St. John. It’s lots of fun because it’s less touristy and there’s plenty of shopping. Take a car ferry and stop for breakfast at Cruz Bay Landing. Stop at Bamboo Studio for jewelry and then head to Trunk Bay for a snorkeling adventure. Take a taxi to Old Stone Farm House for dinner..

Day 4

Drive to North Side Grind for a to-go breakfast and head to Megan’s Bay to rent chairs. Order the Rum punch at the bar and start a tab for your relaxing day ahead! We enjoyed some pizza and chicken gyros for lunch too. Head to Havensite Mall for chicken and bowling. The kids will love it!

Day 5 

We spent our last day enjoying the pool at our hotel and relaxing before our travels.

Things to Know Before Traveling to St. Thomas with Kids

Before embarking on your family adventure to St. Thomas, there are several important things to know to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both parents and kids. Here’s a rundown of essential information to keep in mind:

Safety Precautions

While St. Thomas is generally safe for tourists, it’s essential to remain vigilant, especially in crowded areas and tourist hotspots. Keep an eye on your belongings, avoid secluded areas after dark, and educate your kids about basic safety measures.

Sun Protection

The Caribbean sun can be intense, so make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen with a high SPF, hats, sunglasses, and protective clothing for both you and your kids. Reapply sunscreen regularly, especially after swimming or sweating.

Water Safety

Teach your kids about water safety before hitting the beaches or engaging in water activities. Always supervise children around water, even in shallow areas, and consider using life jackets for extra precaution, especially for younger children or inexperienced swimmers.

Health Precautions

Ensure everyone in your family is up to date on routine vaccinations before traveling to St. Thomas. Additionally, bring along insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes and other bugs, and be cautious of sunburns and dehydration.

Local Customs and Etiquette

Familiarize yourself with local customs and etiquette to show respect for the island’s culture. For instance, it’s polite to greet locals with a friendly “Good morning” or “Good afternoon,” and it’s customary to tip service staff at restaurants and hotels.

Currency and Payment

The official currency of St. Thomas is the US dollar, so there’s no need to exchange currency if you’re traveling from the United States. Most businesses accept major credit cards, but it’s also advisable to carry some cash for smaller purchases and transactions.

Weather and Hurricane Season

St. Thomas experiences a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. However, it’s essential to be aware of the hurricane season, which typically runs from June to November. Monitor weather forecasts and follow local authorities’ guidance in case of severe weather.


English is the primary language spoken in St. Thomas, so communication shouldn’t be a problem for English-speaking visitors. However, you may encounter locals who speak Spanish or other languages due to the island’s diverse population.

Respect for Nature

Encourage your kids to respect the natural environment and marine life while exploring St. Thomas. Avoid touching or disturbing coral reefs, wildlife, or protected areas, and participate in eco-friendly activities that promote conservation efforts.

Plan Around Busy Port Days

Tuesday and Wednesday are busy cruise port days so the Havensite and the beaches get pretty crowded. Planning your sightseeing around those days will help you get the most out of your beach time.

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Other US Virgin Islands to visit with Kids:

St. John

St. John has pristine beaches and lush landscapes and it’s a paradise for families seeking outdoor fun. Explore the Virgin Islands National Park, where hiking trails lead to hidden waterfalls and historic ruins waiting to be discovered. Spend lazy days building sandcastles and snorkeling at beaches like Trunk Bay and Maho Bay. Don’t miss the chance for a big adventure on a family-friendly kayaking or paddleboarding excursion along the island’s scenic coastline. 

St. Croix

St. Croix is the perfect mix of history, culture, and adventure on this vibrant Caribbean island. You can see Fort Christiansvaern and learn about the island’s colonial past at the Christiansted National Historic Site. There are family snorkeling excursions at Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge, home to colorful coral gardens and marine life. For a taste of local culture, stroll through the charming streets of Frederiksted, where you can browse artisan shops and sample authentic Caribbean cuisine. 

St. Maarten

St. Maarten is full of excitement and adventure! It’s a lively island shared between the Netherlands and France. Start with a visit to the famous Maho Beach and watch planes fly low overhead to land at Princess Juliana International Airport. Head out on a family adventure to Loterie Farm, where ziplining and hiking trails await in the tropical surroundings. For a taste of European charm, explore the colorful streets of Philipsburg, where you’ll find markets, duty-free shops, and delicious Dutch and French treats.

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