I don’t normally love packing, but there is something so fun about packing for a cruise. All the fun beach items plus some more elegant pieces for the fancy dinners. This was a rare trip in that I didn’t bring my kids. Since I didn’t have to worry about my usual packing troubles (hello 3 young kids) I got to focus a lot more on myself and my cruise style. I wanted to find some inexpensive pieces that would be perfect for this tropical vacay while also thinking about what types of items I would need on a cruise. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself because almost everything on this list is under $40! In a previous post, I shared my ultimate cruise packing list, and although I shared what types of clothes to bring, I really didn’t get into the specifics of the types of items I like to pack. So this post is it! Here are my go-to’s when I am deciding what I want to wear on a cruise.

What to wear on a cruise - all of the items you can wear on a cruise during the day or night

Hats to Wear on a Cruise

When picking a hat I think of two things, style and function. Sometimes I find a hat that fits both but sometimes it is one or the other and that is ok too. I have some hats I don’t dare bring by the water and others that I use just to keep myself safe from the sun. That Caribbean sun is way more powerful than you think. Also, keep in mind that those days at sea can be quite windy, so hold on when going on deck. Here are some of my tops picks for hats to take on a cruise.


This is the most fun part for me. I might have what you call a swimsuit addiction and since you spend the majority of your time in a swimsuit it is at the top of my radar when deciding what to wear on a cruise. I am usually a “one-piece” kind of girl but since I was not taking my kids on this trip I decided to try a few more styles that were out of my comfort zone. I definitely don’t regret it because I got so many compliments. Plus most of the suits on this list are under $20!!


I loved having my coverups for when I wanted to walk through the ship to get to the pool or when I was going to a beach day excursions. It made things super easy. Be sure to pack a coverup for your cruise.

Daytime Wear for  a Cruise

My daytime attire can really vary depending on what I am up to. Sometimes its a sundress for relaxing around the ship and sometimes it’s more activewear for those adventurous excursions. When thinking about what to pack for your cruise be sure to think about your trip and what you have planned.

Evening Wear for a Cruise

One of my favorite parts about cruising is the food. I love, after a long day at the pool, coming back and getting a little fancy for dinner. The sit-down dinners are so good and I use the opportunity to feel a bit special. I am always looking for the perfect cruise dress. A beach vibe with a bit of elegance. Here are my tops picks.

Shoes for your Cruise

When it comes to shoes on a cruise it is really all about function. I bring one really basic pair of heels that I can wear with anything. I also bring lots of sandals that I can wear with different suits and outfits. Also, don’t forget those tennis shoes! Some cruise ships have activities like rock climbing or zip lines and you need closed-toe shoes to participate. You also might need tennis shoes for some excursions. Last but not least a good pair of water shoes can really save the day when taking an excursion

Accessories to wear on a Cruise

Now, this is the fun part. A cute pair of glasses. Some tropical-themed jewelry. I love finding unique pieces to wear on a cruise.

what to wear on a cruise

So there you have it! My inexpensive picks for cruising with style!

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Cruise style - what to wear on a cruise