Recently I did a post about what I keep in my diaper bag where I share some items I can’t live without.

So I thought it would be fun if I give you a little inside look into each of my toddlers bags so you can see what is most important to them.

As my girls get older their independence flourishes and I try everything I can to foster that. One of the main things we do is giving each of them an opportunity to have their own bag when we leave the house. This builds independence and responsibility and most of all they have a blast.

They each have their style and it reflects by their choice in bag. Frilly and flashy versus simple and practical. It describes their personalities to a tee.

Their choice in items are similar but also have some big differences. One thing they can agree on is always bringing a snack.

I agree, this is so important for us and I encourage them to pick a healthy choice when we are on the go. These Happy Kid Fruit and Oat bars are delicious and have no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors, Non-GMO and gluten free. This is our go-to for easy snacking on the go.


So here are each of the girls bags, ready to go for our adventure on the town.



So this girl loves all things glittery, can’t you tell? Her bag choices totally reflect her personality. Find her bag here (update: purse recently sold out. Ill update you if its back in stock)

Writing set – She is an artist at heart with her pen and paper (still with that princess flair). This cute little set is a hit in our house.

Lipgloss – Now this is an addiction around here and I have to admit I don’t love it. This isn’t a battle I have the energy to fight though so you will find lipgloss in this girls bag ALL THE TIME.

Doll – These little dolls are loved by all, I think because they are just small enough for their little hands.

SnackThese Happy Kid Fruit and Oat bars are her fav plus they have a ton more flavors like apple cinnamon and Banana Chocolate.


My practical gal. It’s all about comfort for her and this bag is large enough to hold a few things but small enough to not be too heavy.

Work book – This work book is a hit and even great to take to restaurants.

Sunglasses – This girl still likes to be stylish and these are the best for staying on and comfort.

Lipgloss – I told you, everyone is obsessed.

Trolls– All troll all the time, need I say more?

Baby bottle – you never know when your baby might be hungry ;)

Snack – Easy and tasty, I love how these Happy Kid Fruit and Oat Bars don’t make a mess. They don’t crumble all over the place and so I know it’s a safe option when we need a snack on the go.


Does your little one take a bag with them when they go out? If so share some of the things they love to take. Also leave a comment with your favorite bag, I would love to hear from you.