Not sure where to go for meals in Williamsburg with kids in tow? Don’t worry! Some of the best eateries in this vibrant Virginia city specialize in providing delicious, family-friendly fare. From gourmet BBQ joints and enthralling outdoor dining spots, there’s something for everyone. There are great restaurants, a beloved taco truck, and even a few spots where you can get breakfast all day. We’ve rounded out the best of where to eat in Williamsburg with kids.

Read on to discover the best places in Williamsburg for meals and satisfy your crew’s food cravings.

Precarious Beer Hall (yes, for kids)

Tacos and burgers, Yes please! That’s what you get at the Precarious Beer Hall. It’s a lively local joint perched in downtown Colonial Williamsburg. Precarious is also home to two awesome food stands. Electric Circus Taco Bar serving chips, dips, nachos and mouthwatering tacos. Ol’ Dominion Burger Smashburger Bar serving up some one of a kind burgers, fries and ice cream Sammies!

The kids can play cool arcade games while waiting for their food or for a special treat after finishing. We all ended up playing some of the fun old school games, like air hockey and skee ball, as we enjoyed our drinks after dinner.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chef Simon and Manger Matthew Sutton on our trip. They were extremely helpful and assisted us in choosing the perfect meal for our family. Everything we had was made with care and tasted excellent!

Best Taco: Korean Pork Belly; Sweet soy glaze, pickled carrot and cucumber slaw, Sriracha aioli and cilentro.

Spicy Tip: While ordering for kids, don’t forget to mention to keep the sauce on the side. Some are too hot to handle.

Tipsy Beans Café

All parents can appreciate customizable meals, especially when you have really picky eaters in the family. Tipsy Beans Café is a great spot to take the kids, especially if they like to modify. They have an incredibly delicious breakfast menu with some really great options. Whether your little ones want a French toast breakfast platter or just a side of sausage, they have it all and are willing to accommodate.

The crab cake Benedict was my favorite, hands down. Oh, and the cinnamon rolls were out of this world! The café offers premier coffee and a kids’ version of most drinks. Atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly. The staff was exceptional.

Best Latte: French Toast Latte; Espresso, steamed milk, French toast syrup, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, cinnamon and powdered sugar. Every sip was like heaven.

Pierce’s Pitt Barbecue

Julius C. Pierce brought his prized bar-b-que sauce recipe to Williamsburg. Ever since then, it has become a Virginia tradition. Pierce’s Pitt Barbecue is one of the best spots to enjoy mouth-watering BBQ. It boasts a wide selection of smoked meats and delicious sides. The ribs literally fall off the bone and the pulled pork is unbelievable!

The macaroni and cheese and creamy coleslaw are great accompaniments for your meal, but the hushpuppies are the real treat. Pierce’s has some great kids’ menu selections, with french fries and kids’ drinks included. There’s a new outdoor seating area where the kids can play while everyone finishes their meal.

The staff at Pierce’s is very friendly and super attentive. You can always expect a warm welcome and great service. Their original sign serves as constant reminder of their roots that they all take seriously.

If you can, ask to tour the Pitts, they are very impressive. Also, be sure to get some of their homemade banana pudding to go, you’ll count the days until your next scoop.

Best Side: The Hushpuppies are a perfect pairing to any BBQ sandwich.

Food For Thought

If you’re in the mood for classic American dishes, head to Food For Thought. This stunning restaurant has a fun vibe that can cheer up the hangriest of kids. The walls are decorated with famous thought-provoking quotes and vibrant colors to lift your spirits.

Their kids’ menu was quite impressive. With offerings like crab cakes, ribs, meatloaf and even wild caught shrimp and salmon. Also, the kids plates are large enough to share, which is a plus for peckish eaters. Check out that salmon plank!

Grandma’s Meatloaf and the seasonal Acorn Squash were our top meal picks. But we cannot leave out their unique selection of desserts. From the Villa Dolce Mango and Raspberry Sorbet to the Time for Chocolate dense flourless dark chocolate cake that’s served with vanilla bean ice cream. I know! Food for Thought was a great experience and everyone was very satisfied.

Best Appetizer: Da Vinci Dippers; Cheese filled ravioli, crusted with Italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, fried golden brown, with a side of our zesty marinara sauce for dipping.

Duck Donuts

Duck Donuts is the favorite local donut shop in Williamsburg, where fresh and hot treats await. Unlike other donut shops, here you can have your creation made exactly to your liking with the option to customize it from head to toe. Coatings, toppings, drizzles – they’ve got it all. And if that’s not enough temptation, these delectable creations are served warm right off the griddle.

Hot sandwiches are also available for those who prefer something savory. The staff at Duck Donuts is super friendly and willing to help you create your ideal donut. So if your kids (or you for that matter) are craving something sweet, you have to take them to Duck Donuts. You’ll all leave with full tummies and huge smiles on your faces! Plus they have cute little rubber dicks everywhere.

Best Donut: Blueberry Pancake (Strawberry Shortcake was a close second)

Amber Ox Kitchen and Brewery

Amber Ox Kitchen and Brewery is the perfect spot for brunch out with the kids. The food menu is very impressive, with large plates and boards of all kinds. The Brunch Board had to be our favorite. It included Drop Biscuits, Deviled Egg Shmear, Waffles, Salmon Lox, Bagel Chips, Country Ham and seasonal cream cheeses. It’s enough for an entire meal, but perfect to share with the whole family.

Among other excellent menu picks are:

  • Shakshuka: A large portion of Za’atar and patty pan squash, goat feta and soft poached egg served with sourdough.
  • Shrimp and Grits: This savory, tasty spin on the classic southern dish was my husbands favorite.
  • AO Benedict Burger: The 7 Hills Beef was juicy, accompanied by Country Ham, a poached egg and smothered with white cheddar. The Hickory Hollandaise sauce was a perfect complement. My daughter ate every bite!

Best for Kids: Chicken & Waffles is good alternative option to the kids meal and easy to split. Our girls devoured it!

Maurizio’s Ristorante Italiano

Maurizio’s Ristorante Italiano has been a Williamsburg local favorite since 1984. The owner grew up spending time in the kitchen with his mom, trying new recipes and understanding the art of cooking. This expertise is reflected in every dish served here. Maurizio’s is a traditional Italian dining experience with fun waitstaff and great flavors.

The menu ranges from Italian classics like lasagna to unreal seafood selections like Flounder Sorrentino and Lobster Ravioli. Maurizio’s kids’ menu includes pasta with meatball, Pasta Alfredo, cheese ravioli and personal pizzas.

Whatever you do, be sure to order the garlic rolls for the kids (and for you), as they are superb!

Best Meal: Traditional Carbonara; guanciale, eggs in a creamy sauce. Mmmmm!

Mobjack Coffee Roasters

Mobjack Coffee Roasters is located in the Cole Digges House of Yorktown Village. Mobjack has a great local vibe and exceptional quality coffee. Apart from coffee, their Petite Cafe offers a small selection of delicious paninis, soups and salads.

There’s also freshly made homemade sweet treats for the kids that are all amazing.

Be sure ask for a guided chef’s tour around the property to see the kitchen and the roaster. There’s a nice area to sit out back by a fire and enjoy the local scenery. It’s a great spot for spending time with your family and friends.

Be sure to take home some souvenirs of your favorite coffee blend and some more for gifts.

Best Coffee: Deadrise Blend; just be careful as it is very strong! They say “It’s strong enough to wake the dead.”

Water Street Grill

The Water Street Grill is a great spot to dine with your family while enjoying the charming views of the water at Yorktown. The restaurant is on the Riverwalk, next to the Yorktown City Pier. It has a large outdoor dining area that is perfect for dining with kids. Water Street’s kids’ Menu offered some really great choices, but the grilled cheese and fries was the winner at our table.

As for the adults, the Baja fish Tacos are a must-try and the grilled shrimp tacos are also yummy. But it was the fish and chips that were the real highlight for the entire family. A combination of Beer Battered Haddock Filet, Crispy Old Bay Fries, their homemade Tartar Sauce & Wasabi Slaw was perfection. 

Best Kids Desert: Chocolate Berry Nachos; cinnamon tortilla chips, topped with berries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Sort of like churros, but extra crispy and and more delicious.

Berret’s Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill

Berret’s Seafood Restaurant is a Williamsburg staple. Known for its fresh seafood, but they also has some mouthwatering specials that are not seafood. It has to be one of our new favorite restaurants in Williamsburg. Berret’s is located in a great spot, right in the heart of Merchant’s Square in Colonial Williamsburg. It’s been serving scrumptious seafood for over thirty years.

Flash Fried Calamari and Roasted Brussel Sprouts started us off on the right note. Both were very flavorful and cooked to perfection. We all had some nice salads with our meals as well, all very fresh.

The Children’s Menu offered what they called “Kids Big Plates”, which included saltine-crusted shrimp, crab cakes, baked salmon, of course chicken fingers. But i was the kids’ drinks that won them over, as they offered non-alcoholic specialty drinks for kids. The Blue Lagoon and the Virginia Sunset were their favorites, as they felt so special with their “big people drinks.”

We ended up trying the non seafood specialties and were very pleased. The Duck Three Ways was insane. This dish featured grilled duck breast, confit duck leg, seared duck sausage, three cheese grits, asparagus, onion jam, and balsamic glaze. The Filet Mignon came with garlic butter, smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and asparagus. Cooked to perfection.

Best Cake: Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Buttercream; Be sure to get an extra piece to go, it’s worth the time alone once the kids fall asleep. Heavenly!

Eating in Williamsburg with Kids

Hope you enjoyed that food tour of Williamsburg! Think that you can plainly see why it is not only full of history, but a foodie town as well. Be sure to try some of these top spots on your next family trip to Williamsburg. We hope you enjoy the restaurants as much as we did. Please let us know about your experiences, as we love to hear from you all.

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