If you’re like me, you search out wooden toys whenever possible. The quality is usually so much better and the benefits of not using plastics far outweigh. I really wanted to create a fun and exciting guide full of great Wooden Toy Gift Ideas for Kids. I hope that you find some great things here to make this year a special one for your little ones.

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Wooden Toy Gift Ideas 

Wooden Coffee Maker Set

This little setup for your barista in the making is very realistic, durable, and perfect for imaginative play.

Wooden Cash Register

Great quality wood, smooth finish and perfect to go with your coffee shop play theme.

Wooden Rainbow Cloud

Very playful pop-up toy for Montessori style learning. Well constructed and vibrant.

Wooden Baby Stroller Walker

Easy to assemble ands very well-built stroller, great for balance and storing dolls.

Wooden Push Pull Unicorn

Another great gift idea for balance , strength, and lots of fun around the house.

Wooden Mixer Set

Super fun set of kitchen mixing tools that look just like mom’s and promotes imagination.

Wooden Toy Mickey and Friends

This is the most adorable little set of wooden blocks and Disney friends for everyday playtime.

Wooden Toy Story Balance Blocks

Fun and colorful wooden Toys Story characters made into stacking blocks too balance and build motor skills.

Wooden Princess Castle Block Set

More adorable Disney blocks that promote fine motor skills and incorporate imaginative princess play.


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Wooden Winnie the Pooh Toys

This is another version of the balancing blocks that are t9o cute to pass up.

Wooden Tools Workbench

Quality made wooden workbench for tool play and great for arts and crafts. Has additional storage underneath.

Wooden Doctor Toolset

Here is a really cool collection of 18 pieces of tools for dentist and doctor play.

Wooden Wobble Board

Sometimes simple toys are the one’s that get the most play and in my house this wooden toy is that piece.

Wooden Sorting Stacking Rocks

What a great tool for counting and helping with dexterity. Can be used in homeschooling or as supplemental play.

Wooden Cameras

This is a fun supplement to dress up or outdoor exploration.

Wooden Stacking Toys

Perfect for improving hand-eye coordination and practicing shapes and colors.

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