It’s no secret that working out has been very low on my priority list the past few years. When you have 3 babies in 3.5 years you make very little time for the gym.

That being said I know how important it is to stay in shape and it isn’t always about loosing that baby weight.

When I work out I feel better, sleep better, eat better. I have more energy and patience with my kids. I am more intimate with my husband because I feel better in my own skin.

There are so many reasons why working out is so important for me but mainly it is a way for me to keep my sanity. Carving out a few minutes for myself can make a huge difference.

So finally, after years of baby-growing, baby-feeding, baby-making ;)  I came to the conclusion that I need to make fitness a priority again.

But here is the problem. I have 3 kids, 5 and under, who stay home with me all day. I am a homeschooling mom so that means I don’t always have the time for the “traditional workout”.

I started to try different workouts to find a rhythm that worked for me. Something I could do in between diaper changes and math lessons. I have tried a ton of different things and so I am here to share what actually works.

This is how I get my workout in each day,


First things first, before I can talk about any tips I need to have a moment of real talk with you mama. Growing babies, delivering babies, and taking care of babies is hard on our bodies physically. Please make sure that you are healthy before you even think about starting a new workout routine.

Our bodies have changed so much and not everything looks, or works, the same. After my third baby I had some bladder issues. There is a great product called Finess that helps with Stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Have you ever laughed or jumped and wet yourself a little? It makes working out so much more difficult. That is when Finess comes in, it creates a temporary seal over your urethra so you don’t have to worry about leaks during even the most intense workout. Read more about Finess in my post What Other Moms Don’t Tell You About Your Postpartum Body.

Please take care of you mama, that way you can guarantee success on your way to a healthy workout routine.


So here it is, my five tips on getting you back on track:

  1. Rethink what it means to workout – we typically think of lifting weights at the gym but try to think outside the box. Brushing your teeth? Do ten squats. Making the kids lunch? Throw in some lunges. Laying in bed reading your little one a bed time story? Try leg lifts. Guys just sneak in little workouts here and there and you won’t even realize you are doing it.
  2. Don’t wait for the right time – mama please hear me. There is no right time. I have been waiting for the right time for 5 years and it’s still not here. DO whatever it takes to make now the right time. Maybe that means treating yourself to a cute workout outfit or taking steps to prevent those bladder leaks. Do what’s needed to make now the perfect time. I am done with excuses and I hope you are too.
  3. Include your kids – my kids somehow have an infinite amount of energy so I always want to find a way for them to burn some of that off and working out with me is the perfect way to do it. Kids love to be like their mama so show them how you stretch or teach them how to do a jumping jack. Remember to keep a wide variety of activities because at this young age my kids get bored quick. I don’t mind too much, it keep me on my toes.
  4. Make it a game – One of the things I find daunting about the gym is how monotonous it gets. Same boring workout day in and day out. When I workout with my kids its different each day. Some days it is ring-around-the-rosie and some days its simon says. Some days they could care less and that’s ok too. Usually if I look like I am having fun they want to take part. Remember this isn’t just for them. You will be surprised how good you feel after a workout based on play. Remember laughter is a great calorie burner too.
  5. Baby Steps – This is a big one for me. I have these big goals right from the start and I don’t look at the small steps I need to take to get there. This usually leads to me giving up, but not this time. I now set small goals and create realistic expectations. Maybe I only did a fraction of what I wanted to. I still give myself a pat on the back. If I don’t get to it at all that day I don’t beat myself up but just start fresh the next. I give myself a lot of grace and that allows me to enjoy this experience and make the most of this amazing time with my girls.

These five things have really helped me make working out a priority. With young kids it is not always easy but I am not allowing myself to make that an excuse anymore. I hope I can help  you feel the same.

If you are struggling to make your fitness a priority or maybe you have some great tips to share, I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

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