Does your neighborhood “boo” each other? This has quickly become one of our favorite October traditions and it’s easy to see why. Last year was the first year we booed our neighbors and friends (you can see our boo kit and printbale from last year here). It’s such a fun way to get excited about the Halloween season. Plus, what’s not to love about leaving a surprise, ringing the doorbell, and running away as fast as you can. Here are some things you need to know before sending out your “You’ve Been Booed” kits, plus an adorable free printable!

you've been booed - how to boo your neighbors

How it Works

Pick a neighbor or friend that you want to suprise with a little Halloween gift. This would also be a good idea for family members. Fill a basket, bag, or really anything with some spooky treats or Halloween goodies. Grab a free printable included in this post, print an extra copy to include in the kit, and add it to your basket.

Now here is the fun part. The concept of “booing” is to make it a surprise. So drop the treats at their door and try not to get caught. Once you recieve a boo gift you will want to put the sign in your window. That way other nighbors know that you have already recieved a gift and they can spread the joy to someone else. If you receive a boo basket then its time for you to gift one to a friend and spread the fun. Repeat the steps above.

You've been booed - Halloween Printable

You’ve Been Booed Supplies

There is no right or wrong way to boo your friends or neighbors. Here are some things I like to include in my Youve been booed kits.

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Halloween Boo Kit

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What to do

Once your treats are all ready to go be sure to add a copy of the instructions sheet and the we’ve been booed sign. Secretly place the basket on your neighbors doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away as fast as you can! Keep an eye out as you walk around your neighborhood throughout the month as new we’ve been booed signs pop up on doors and windows. It’s so exciting to watch the cheer spread.

you've been booed

Youve Been Booed Inspiration

Here are pictures of some of the most adorable You’ve Been Booed ideas.

@4tinyarrows has such an eye for design and she incorporates that beautiful aesthetic into her gorgeous boo tin

The Happening Housewife has her own adorable You’ve been booed printables and I love the colors. She also shares how to make these skeleton gift bags!

Oh Happy Play created a bright and beautfiul book kit for her neighbors. If you are looking on details on how to execute the perfect Boo suprise, head to her blog

Jessica EtCetera came up with the cutest Youve Been Booed idea. She mad Monster mix and passed it out to her friends. Head to her blog to find out more.

There you have it! All the spooky Halloween fun with our You’ve been booed kits. Want to see last years Boo kit, head to this post!