Last week I shared how you can spread some Halloween spirit with my easy DIY Boo Kit. Our basket was filled with all kinds of treats for kids, but how about the moms and dads? I was inspired to create these You’ve been Boozed Halloween wine tags because parents need a boo kit too, or a “booze” kit ;)

Festive Wine Labels for Boo Parties

I love wine, I always have. I have a few of my favorite brands but during the holidays I always look for cute and festive labels. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be picking my wine because of the label but I just can’t help myself. If you’re not into certain wines or labels, you can always cover them with these cute wine stickers.

halloween wine tags - you've been booZed - halloween gift tags

Kids and Getting Boo’d

My girls have been really into delivering our “boo kits” to our neighbors this year. It’s been a fun family tradition as part of our Halloween bucket list. I just love giving gifts, its totally part of my love language, and I am so happy my girls love it too. If you have not had this started in your neighborhood, I hope that this post motivates you to start it, it’s a really fun tradition.

Halloween Wine Gifting

I am so lucky we live in neighborhood where my girls have so many friends and I have so many moms I have connected with. We all love wine and meet monthly for our mom nights. I wanted to not only gift the kids this year but the moms too. I thought halloween wine tags like “you’ve been boozed”, would be the perfect gift for my friends and hopefully your friends too!

These Halloween wine tags would be great gifts for so many people. You could gift a bottle of wine to teachers, family, coaches, anyone really.

halloween wine tags - you've been booZed - halloween gift tags

Free copy of the Halloween Tags:

  • You’ve been BooZed
  • Drink up, witches
  • Witches brew
  • Eat, Drink & Be Scary

Halloween Wine Tags

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Do you have a friend who loves wine? Know exactly who these halloween wine tags would be perfect for? Make sure to send them this post so they can get their own free copy.

I’m curious, what’s your favorite Halloween wine? Do you prefer red or white? Let me know in the comments below.

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